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6th Oct 2006, 14:39

Jet Airways in India!
I want to fly from Delhi to Jaipur. They have two fares! I must pay $100 but if I am an Indian resident I pay about half that!

What's going on there???

6th Oct 2006, 14:44
You still have much to learn, Grasshopper.

Take the train, you don't see India from 30,000 ft (though sometimes I will take the plane just for that reason). Second class reserved should be nice and cheap and no dual pricing (one of the few places there isn't)

6th Oct 2006, 14:56
thanks mate! i know i am going to enjoy this next three weeks.

just looking for a cheap hotel in delhi now!

you better run and hide or else i'll be taking you with me as a guide!

check your PMs!

6th Oct 2006, 15:12
Ha Ha. Welcome to the Far East. If you think India is bad, you should try Malaysia. 'Round Eyes', as we are known, count for little. If you are a local, you get up to 40% off house prices, first pick of University places, all senior positions in National companies and so on. It always makes me laugh when I see Brit/European politicians and the like falling over backwards to integrate and appease our immigrants when they come from some of the most blatantly racist societies on this planet.

Be careful of the 'cheap' hotels. That could prove troublesome to the old tummy. Go for the more expensive, still cheap by our standards and you get a lot for your money. Buy bottled water and make sure thre top has not been tampered with. One last thing, if you buy a can of pop, wash the top before you drink it. Some people in Malaysia died because the tops had rat urine on them and they caught god knows what.

Enjoy, it will be a great experience and a bit of an eye opener. Personally, I love that part of the world.

6th Oct 2006, 15:31
Farrell, three weeks eh, you are going to be eaten alive. Might be worth tagging along just to watch, but the missus has jobs lined up and just checked my passport and the visa expired last week.

Lonely planet web site does a forum called thorntree, see what that has to say about accomodation. Book something via email before you go or the touts at the airport will crucify you. They will still probably try.

If you are in Delhi don't miss the Taj Mahal, you got to see that place before the pollution destroys it. Dual pricing again I'm afraid, but such is life in Asia. Don't bother with any of the Delhi based tours, take the train yourself and keep reminding yourself that you will be leaving in three weeks, the tuk-tuk driver's won't.

It's a great place really but totally love-hate. I backpacked there probably before you were born and swore I'd never go back. No email back then, or phones even, had to run the gauntlet at every bus/train station. Anyway, went back several times since and will be back again before six months is out.


One of the best explanations I ever heard of the way people think in Asia is why the Westerner will always get the blame if there is a car crash.

1) The westerner is a foreigner.
2) The local belongs here.
3) The foreigner doesn't belong here.
4) If the westerner had not been here there wouldn't have been a crash.
5) It's therefore the westerner's fault there was a crash
6) Blame the westerner.

6th Oct 2006, 15:41
Happens everywhere - when I lived in Honolulu I used to get Kamaaina rates, though I was clearly not part of the indigenous population (sun burn and blonde hair, clearly a haole!), but I had a job, spoke Da Kine, and partyed on the North Shore with the best of 'em.
<sigh> those were the days......

Chaka! :cool: :ok:

6th Oct 2006, 16:24
Have backpacked throughout both Thailand and Malaysia before but haver heard that the touts in India are a lot of hassle.

Will either ignore or engage as have been trained to do haha!

6th Oct 2006, 17:17
Have backpacked throughout both Thailand and Malaysia before but haver heard that the touts in India are a lot of hassle.A different level of adversity. Walk down Khao San Rd nowadays and you could be in bloody Fulham or Chelsea. I took my mother to the "Golden Triangle" recently, I remember the days when the Lonely Planet said you shouldn't even vist Chiang Mai! So that's what we did and went trekking too when they said you would be killed, and it was as safe as houses. Thailand is low level, it's nice, it's easy, it's gap year tourists with hairdriers and curliing tongs in their backpack.

India is not like that, it's special, it's hard core!

Will either ignore or engage as have been trained to do haha!That's my boy! India is Premier League whereas Thailand is down somewhere in division two. But I know you can do it.

6th Oct 2006, 17:34
They're just stinging ya for the booze you're gonna drink on the flight ;)

6th Oct 2006, 19:14

Maybe I should go apeshit on the internal flight just to see if I can get a mention on Rumours and News!

6th Oct 2006, 22:01
You do that mate.

That could be a link to the "Games to play while flying".

"Before you get on the flight, look at the route of your flight and the major cities you will pass on the way. Pick your favorite and write it on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Then, at some stage of the flight, go absolutely apeshit crazy! Then, when the pilot diverts to kick your sorry ass off the plane, if it's the city you chose, open the envelope and prove to everyone just how damn smart you really are."

7th Oct 2006, 09:23
Slim Slag

:ok: Yep, in Malaysia you also got an automatic 300 Ringgit fine (60 pounds sterling).

We were also told to stay away from Southern Thailand due to the terrorist threat. It was actually a great place and we visited the old Chinese tunnels in the jungle, hot but great fun. The resort at Crabi was also backpacker city.