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5th Oct 2006, 16:17
In another place Dr draper regrets the lack of jail space in the UK and Ms AcroChick refers to barges used to alleviate a similar shortage in NYC.

The latter is part of respected American and British tradition.

The expression "The Brig", used in the US to mean military detention quarters, comes I think from the brigantine "Euphemia", of San Francisco. Acquired in October, 1869 for:

"........ $3500 from one of its [San Francisco's] own [council] members in those pre-conflict-of-interest days, the "brig," as it was called, was served as the main post sentencing jail in San Francisco until May 1851, when it was sold to settle a judgment against the city. The frequent escapes from the insecure facility contributed to the public outrage leading to the formation of the first committee of Vigilance". [Google]

In Britain of course the authorities had long used "the hulks" to accommodate reluctant guests.

Where there's a will there's a way and no doubt many a profitable maintenance contract for former deep water mariners.

The first chief of police in San Francisco, Mr Malachi Fallon, born in County Athlone, had before going West served as a keeper at "The Tombs" of which Ms AcroChick writes so warmly.