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5th Oct 2006, 16:58
Hi all. Someone on another site has asked what this means, anyone here able to help, it could be Korean text.........



5th Oct 2006, 17:35
it could equally be a few meaningless squigels

5th Oct 2006, 17:38
All your base are belong to us ?

Farmer 1
5th Oct 2006, 17:46

5th Oct 2006, 17:47
this Notice Is Upside Down
I DID wonder . . . :confused:

But it doesn't make sense the other way up EITHER! :ugh:

Impress to inflate
5th Oct 2006, 18:50
It obvious, it says "Kiss My Arse" :D

5th Oct 2006, 20:15
It's Cantonese for 'I have SARS'. You didn't take the pic yourself did you?

5th Oct 2006, 20:24
Translation, not mainland Japanese this is a dialect from one of the small islands off the Honsura coast. Basically it translates...."Killroy was here"
Happy to help.

5th Oct 2006, 21:17
Isn't it amazing how that little symbol can stand for something completely meaningless...

...that said, its still a load of squigels to me :\

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Oct 2006, 08:25
"Game Over. Insert More Beer."

6th Oct 2006, 09:44
No 34 Deep fried chicken gizzards and deer penis soup


6th Oct 2006, 09:55
Looks like various sexual positions to me - middle one definately 69!:O

6th Oct 2006, 10:09
Doesn't ANYBODY read Korean (or whatever language it is)?
I keep looking as I, too, want to know (though heaven knows what benefit it will be to me).
How long before we can scan such things into babelfish and get an instantaneous translation?

6th Oct 2006, 10:47
Love Machine! :}

6th Oct 2006, 11:05
The symbol on the left is obviously a chair and wall-mounted table, the centre one is an adjustable spanner and hammer and the last symbol looks as though it could be a table lamp with gooseneck, maybe a type of Anglepoise. A spare lamp is supplied with it.

I would suggest that the translation of the symbols is possibly 'flat pack furniture available here' or even 'IKEA'.

Buster Hyman
6th Oct 2006, 11:13
Its the logo for that new Yiddish restaurant in Tokyo...So su mi.


6th Oct 2006, 11:35
BRL, you didn't think you'd really get an answer in here did you??:} :p

Besides it says, Embriodered patches 50 yen a pop.

6th Oct 2006, 11:41
it is an A level art student saying Hi FHHNI

6th Oct 2006, 12:01
That's shocking, how dare you. BRL you should be ashamed of yourself. Mods how come you have let this go?

6th Oct 2006, 12:12
It means "dry clean only".

6th Oct 2006, 12:13
Actually its mandarin, the picture says a thousand words or almost, one sign might have different meanings and applications. This is a “roll out” sign for new implanted online credit card technology for prostitutes………”swipe front 2back” :E

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Oct 2006, 21:30
It's either "Eat hot lead, Gaijin devil" or "Eat at Joe's". My Hanggul is a little rusty.:8

6th Oct 2006, 23:28
It says "Help! I am being held prisoner/slave in an Oriental embroidery factory!"

Disguise Delimit
6th Oct 2006, 23:55
Actually, it was attached to a car, and translates as:

"Made in Hurry":eek:

7th Oct 2006, 00:56
"If you can read this then you are too close"

7th Oct 2006, 01:20
It's a shoulder patch from a China Airlines, Captains shirt .. and it reads .. "I flew a long-haul Tupolev to 36,000 ft .. and lived" .. :ooh:

7th Oct 2006, 10:14
If you want the real answer...

It says "Tae Kwon Do" in Korean, but needs to be rotated through -90 deg so the righthand side is at the top, then read top to bottom!

Yup, "Tae Kwon Do" the Korean for, er, "Tae Kwon Do", as in the sport.
Sorry it's nothing more exciting!

tony draper
7th Oct 2006, 10:41
Driving past the Town Hall with two young lads on work experience in the back, the conversation went thus.
One pointing to the Town Coat of Arms or rather the inscription beneath
which says boldly in stone,CAPUT INTER NUBILA CONDIT.
"Whey woss that mean then"?
his mate,the more erudite of the two
"Its in Greek"
"Whey ah naa that,but wots it mean then"
"Keep Gateshead tidy of course"
:uhoh: :rolleyes:

7th Oct 2006, 11:33
Tony - :D .. That reminds me of a mate who produced his Artillery Corps motto, for my lady to read .. which she did with alacrity, and without reading it silently first .. "Quo fas et Gloria ducunt" .. (Where right and glory lead) ..

She did this at a table, in front of group of friends, some of whom were a little .. err .. reserved .. and the "ducunt" came out as two syllables .. doo-kunt .. :ooh:

Needless to say .. her embarrassment was only matched by the looks of horror on the faces of those, very reserved, and very 'churchy' members, present .. :O

7th Oct 2006, 11:58

Tae Kwon Do in korean means:

Tae - Hand / Blow
Kwon - Foot / Kick
Do - Technique

7th Oct 2006, 11:58
"Quo fas et Gloria ducunt"

Don't suppose it's the first time that your motto had been 'misquoted' . . .

7th Oct 2006, 12:12
The original question took some time to get a correct answer, but, puzzles are better when they take some solving.
Well done JBers!

Next question?

7th Oct 2006, 12:15
I have a white belt in Tae Kwon Do! :ouch:


7th Oct 2006, 17:27
Excellent, thank you all :D

7th Oct 2006, 17:31
I have a black belt in Kan Do fuk-all

7th Oct 2006, 22:18
A little souvenir from Afghanistan, can anyone decipher the engraving on my Snider-Enfield.

Sorry if its upside-down


7th Oct 2006, 22:28
Caution: May contain bullets.

8th Oct 2006, 00:57
From Afghanistan?? .. it would almost certainly say .. "This is a certified true copy of a Mauser .. ALLAH AKBAR!!" :suspect:

8th Oct 2006, 08:19
Government property

8th Oct 2006, 08:40
"Property of Mr B. Laden. If found, please return to..." and an address, but I don't suppose anyone's interested in that :)

8th Oct 2006, 08:44
Use of this equipment may be hazardous to health.

8th Oct 2006, 08:55
It's a pilates instruction guide.

8th Oct 2006, 09:13
The letters are Elvish, of an ancient mode, but the language is that of Mordor, which I will not utter here. But this in the Common Tongue is what is said, close enough:
One Gun to rule them all, One Gun to find them,
One Gun to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them.

8th Oct 2006, 13:18
But, shurely, Elvish ish dead ishn't he?

8th Oct 2006, 13:23
Oh no frostbite! I saw him in the convieniance store yesterday, no really, I did see him. :}

Mac the Knife
8th Oct 2006, 14:38
It says, "Death to the Infidel!"

9th Oct 2006, 10:29
Second attempt. Does anyone recognise the script at all? Does it resemble modern Arabic or is it some more obscure language?


9th Oct 2006, 10:46
Looks like a set of marshalling instructions to me. Might find similar pics in the ANO or somewhere like that.

Farmer 1
9th Oct 2006, 10:49
"This Rifle Is Upside Down"

9th Oct 2006, 11:11
"MADE IN HONG KONG"..... I'll get me coat...http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/traurig/sad-smiley-067.gif

9th Oct 2006, 12:04
but seriously, folks...

Sir Peter Jr.,
I've sent it off to the translation agency I work for. If their Arabic/Pashtu translators can work it out (and not charge me for it:hmm: ), I'll post the results here.
It certainly looks like a version of Arabic script, but there are dozens of languages in Afghanistan. Or at least there were back in what?, 1860ish?

9th Oct 2006, 12:44
'Property of Osama Bin-Laden'. Wait for the knock on the door..................:)

9th Oct 2006, 21:38

I think that you'll find that many languages in the region use the same script, much as many European languages use the latin alphabet.

Have a look at this:

I would guess that it says
'Contains small parts. Not for use by children under three years of age.'