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4th Oct 2006, 18:46
I am doing some research into the life and career(wartime and postwar) of WC. Cartridge DFC.He was my fathers CO whilst serving with 254 sqdn Coastal Command (Beaufighters) at Northcoates.Any imfo appreciated.:ok:

4th Oct 2006, 20:16
Some information here:-

5th Oct 2006, 19:07
Thanks for that.:ok:

5th Oct 2006, 20:13
Only too pleased to help. He also signed Frank Wootton's painting "Wing Strike Attack". A painting of the Beaufighter's of the Langham and Strubby Wings of RAF Coastal Command attack a German Convoy off the east Friesian Islands on 21st July 1944.
The painting is signed by: Frank Wootton, Flying Officer Phillip Brett DFC, Group Captain Richard Burns CBE DFC, Wing Commander David Cartridge DSO DFC, Group Captain A K Gatward DSO DFC Ae, Air Chief Marshall Sir Neil Wheeler GCB CBE DSO DFC AFC.

6th Oct 2006, 18:39
Thanks again for that.Just as a point of interest,my Dad used to tell me about the fantastic gun camera footage from the Beaus when they raided places like Den Helder.These films would be shown occasionally to the ground crews to show them the results of their contribution to the war.Some of this footage can be seen on the DD Video,"RAF Offensive":ok:

23rd Nov 2008, 16:08

I think this was the man my uncle used to talk about!
He may have been his flight mechanic, if so His name was Phil Hardy from Sheffieild area.
All the best

23rd Nov 2008, 17:47
Hi flying.man, is your uncle still around or better still does he have an email address?:ok:

10th Oct 2022, 09:46
These messages may now be time expired but in case not, I have a friend whose father was David Cartridge's regular navigator. I have also just bought a copy of the Frank Wootton painting with David Cartridge's signature.