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4th Oct 2006, 13:41
Went to the Indian Embassy in Berlin this morning....
Embassy Man: "Can't have visa until you have flights."

Me: "Oh, ok" (Pull out laptop and buy flights)

Embassy Man: "This is an Irish passport. We don't do Irish passports. You have to get your visa issued in Ireland."

Me: "But I am living here."

Embassy Man: "Not my problem. Next please!"

Flight is non-refundable (I am a d*ckhead!)

So the dash is on.
Easyjet from SXF - LTN tonight.
Stay in Luton Airport and wait for Ryanair flight to DUB as have no money for hotel. This "diversion" is costing me about 300 quid!

Land in DUB, and go to embassy and plead for a visa. I have an eerie feeling that they will want proof of address in Ireland......I don't live there anymore! Jesus!

So if any of you "enroute" see me, please stop and say Hello.

My head is fit to burst!!

green granite
4th Oct 2006, 13:45
they obviously don't want tourists very badly then, I think I'd find somewere else to go on principle :hmm:

Big Tudor
4th Oct 2006, 14:04
Just a thought Farrell but why not give the Indian embassy in London a ring to see if they can issue the visa? Might save you the cost of the flight to Dublin.

4th Oct 2006, 14:15
I might give that a shot

4th Oct 2006, 15:04
Well Farrell, if that experience has made you think Indian beaurocracy is bad, wait until you get there, it's a lot worse. Now they have ATM's attached to the international network it's a lot easier than it was. Changing money in a bank used to be whole day affair, was simpler to change it on the street, but more likely to get ripped off of course.

Having said that, I don't think I'd have accepted his answer, but in a very respectful sort of way. As with any Asian officialdom you need to be patient and smile a lot. India can and do issue visas to people with passports outside of the country where the embassy is. They may want extra cash to refer it to the Dublin embassy, and you might wait a day or so extra, but I know it can be done because I've done it and have friends who have done it too.

Was there earlier this year and only had to pay baksheesh to an official once, so not too bad a trip.

4th Oct 2006, 15:36
According to Dublin, they won't accept it as I do not have a permanent address there anymore.

Having contacted the High Commission in London, they will probably accept it but I need to show that I have been in the UK for a year using bank statements etc..

Time in the UK......10 months!!!!:\

I am going to try London in the morning - obviously won't bother with DUB as they have more or less said no.

All I want to do is travel and see their country. You would think that the flight training visa for the US that I have in my passport would be enough for them to see that I am legitimate!!:*

4th Oct 2006, 15:57
Methinks you are giving them too much information. Oh well, everybody should see India, hope you get to go, make sure it's for months though or else you will only scratch the surface.

green granite
4th Oct 2006, 16:01
As a thought Farrell, you did have a very large denomination bank note folded up in your passpoet didn't you :hmm:

4th Oct 2006, 16:37
Farrell, your story is somewhat unbelievable. You do not need to prove residency in the UK to obtain a visa in London. As I said you will be charged extra if your passport is not a UK passport, but this fee is waived if you can prove 12 months residency in the UK. I would go back to the embassy nearest to yourself and try again. My experience of Indian visa posts is they don't really care as long as the money looks good. Have a shave and wear a tie and be polite and friendly.

4th Oct 2006, 16:46
Ok will be more presentable! :)

4th Oct 2006, 17:29
Try using a visa service. I've used one near Clapham Jct before - PM me for details.

5th Oct 2006, 11:35
Went into The High Commission of India this morning at 7.30 and queued outside until 8.00.

Got to counter. Gave passport and driver's licence.

Visa issued without even a question.

5th Oct 2006, 11:58
That's exactly how it should be Farrell. I have no idea why EU passport holders should even need a visa to visit India, but I guess it's a simply a nice little profit centre for the high commission, and from my experience they look at it in exactly the same way.

Now go out and have a great time. It's an amazing place to visit and do it properly and it will change your attitude to life. Remember that the tourist traps in places like Goa are not representative of India at all.

Paul Wilson
5th Oct 2006, 12:21
tit for tat I imagine - Indians need a Visa to come here so they say we need one to go there. Slightly short sighted in my view.

5th Oct 2006, 13:37
Hey Slim

Too right!
Thanks for your advice. I just walked in and said I want a visa. He asked if I was resident in the UK.
I said nothing and just handed him my driver's licence. And that as they say was that.

Now......anyone on the Lufthansa flight to Delhi out of Munich who can get me a comfy seat????

5th Oct 2006, 16:47

who can get me a comfy seat????

I am sure the cargo compartment will be just fine. :} :ok:

5th Oct 2006, 16:54
Actually I propose a secret handshake amongst PPRuNers so that favours can be doled out to the deserving...

Righto, that's got it started, blast away!

5th Oct 2006, 19:13
Imagine if we had a little badge (like the BALPA ones) that we could wear. Do you think any work would ever get done? It would be a case of "ah so you're......." handshakes and several hours of putting the world to rights later, the international aviation world would have fallen apart.:}

5th Oct 2006, 19:19
You could always join the Freemasons (though schedules might B:mad:R-up those Thursday night get-togethers).

5th Oct 2006, 19:32

Summut like these badges (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=152326&highlight=merchandise)?

6th Oct 2006, 09:06
I'm sure I could dig out my Cathay Junior Jet Club badge and log book - first entry, CX101 on a 707! :ok:

Actually when I joined SQ's FFP only a couple of years back, somehow the date of birth in their system defaulted to year 2000... so apparently I'm now a six-year-old, according to them, and got the appropriate card and paperwork. Much nicer card than my wife's, though.

It could all become a bit like 'Fight Club' - a knowing nod is all that's needed...

6th Oct 2006, 09:13
eticket it would have to be even more discreet less I get a disciplinary for having such a badge on my uniform.:ouch: :suspect:

6th Oct 2006, 10:21
Maybe a discrete 'P' on your forehead? . . .

6th Oct 2006, 10:25
Maybe a discrete 'P' on your forehead? . . .

If I Peed on someone's forehead, the person would have to be either dead or comatose for it to be discreet. :ouch:

6th Oct 2006, 10:29
I was thinking more along the lines of a vegetable P, similar to the habit of applying a coloured spot in your homeland, BD.
(Methinks a prune might be problematical.)