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Loose rivets
4th Oct 2006, 06:27
This e-mail had a familiar ring to it. Last time I wrote a complex reply, http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?p=2851975#post2851975 but this time I think I will answer the questions more literally.


Thanks for the email. Please I have a client who is
very much interested in buying your vehicle. He
happened to budget for a car last time and
unfortunately it was sold. I have discussed with him
and he has agreed that he will be willing to have the
vehicle shipped to Canada upon reaching an agreement
with you.

Please I have Some Questions to Ask:

1) Is the engine in perfect condition? Yes, there is not even one molecule of wear.

2) How often do you service the car? Never, I'm not attracted to cars in that way.

3) How many miles on the car now? Three more than the last time I told you.

4) Are you the owners? Yes, both of me are the owners.

5) If yes, for how long did you use car? Well, one of me used it for a mile, and the other for two miles.

6) Has the car been involve in an auto accident? No, but it was in a rather bad air crash.

7) Any mechanical problems with the car? Any mechanical problems with the car, what?

8) Why are you selling the car? So that the purchaser will give us some money.

Finally At what price are you willing to sell this
Vehicle to Us ... Oh, you're two people as well, neat. Answer, At the selling price plus my fee for filling out the questionnaire for both of you.

I look forward to receiving your email as soon as posible. I like to do things as soon as pos-ible.

Do you Yahoo!? Yes we do, especially when in bed with a pretty girl. Oh! A spot of answering inertia there.

4th Oct 2006, 07:54
LOL - LR - great stuff