View Full Version : Using Veg oil/bio diesel instead of diesel. Have you done it?

4th Oct 2006, 02:05
Obviously being a thrifty bunch on here (don't say you aren't, look how popular the free software thread was!), i was wondering if anyone had tried replacing filling their diesel car/van with either Veg oil or bio diesel?

For those of you thining I've obviously been on the grog all night, I assure you I've not!

Apparently, diesel engines were originally created to run on veg oil, but now for some reason run on....er....diesel (I'm no expert).

However you can buy a converter to put on your engine to alter the viscocity of the oil so it can run through your diesel engine as fuel.

Alternatively you can go around your local chippie/kebab shop and ask to take away their old cooking oil, refine it using a special process and add some stuff (I know not what) and it become "bio diesel". This however attracts tax as you are becoming a fuel producer (damn tax man!)


Just wondering if anyones dome it, thinking of doing it, know someone who's done it.


Just bought a 3.0TD 4 by 4 and wondering if I could reduce my running costs.

Thanks in advance for all your replies!


4th Oct 2006, 03:26
Just bought a 3.0TD 4 by 4 and wondering if I could reduce my running costs.

Easy, sell it.

Seriously though, I have done some reading on this subject and as far as I can tell its not really worth the effort.

There was a chap on a farm near me selling bio-diesel (or whatever its called) but for the same price as regular diesel, the only advantage is that burning it is 'greener'. And presumably it makes him richer.

Tired Old Man
4th Oct 2006, 05:09
My friend has a Toyota Land cruiser and runs it on a diesel + vegetable oil mix, once in a while he runs a full tank of diesel through.
Start him talking on this subject and your captive for hours.:)
Seems like a lot of bother though ?.:confused:

Lon More
4th Oct 2006, 05:41
been bunging about 5 litresof sunflower oil into a tank of diesel for the past year. The glowplug packed in last winter but don't think that's related. Otherwise no problems, and at present prices a saving of about 3 euro on a tank - just don't get caught by the excise people

green granite
4th Oct 2006, 07:51
some Info on making cooking oil fit for use by an engine here (http://www.veggiepower.org.uk/page208a.htm)

4th Oct 2006, 08:25
There was a trial, several years ago, using vegetable oil in a Leyland National and a Metrobus of Reading Buses. You knew when you were behind one of them, as the exhaust smelled like a mobile chippy!

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Oct 2006, 08:30
Bloke in Tanz used to filter old cooking oil and use it in his Landy. Delicious smell of roast potatoes while driving behind him made the trip a lot more difficult to bear.:ok:

4th Oct 2006, 08:42
I know someone who was running an old Scorpio on chip oil - smelt like a chippy (fish shop not aircraft).

Caught fire last week - in a petrol station:eek: Not sure if it had anything to do with the choice of fuel though.

4th Oct 2006, 08:47
It works fine on "normal" engines but if you have a modern "Turbo Diesel" or a PDi VW type engine beware - Veg Oil doesn't contain the correct lubrication for these mega high compression pumps. FWIW I stick in 10 litres of Veg Oil to 40 litres of "pump product" on a modern Mercedes CDI engine. No problems to date, but the car only has 10,000KM on it. And because it's a lease car it gets swapped out every 2 years so I may be passing an expensive problem on to someone else! Beware the Customs man - sense of humour failure over these type of antics!

High Wing Drifter
4th Oct 2006, 09:39
Some firms are now offering autogas conversions for diesel. If a measured amount of autogas is mixed with diesel it greatly assists the combustability increasing power and reducing consumption by significant levels. In addition, autogas goes for about 48p/litre the cost of the fuel consumed reduces too.



4th Oct 2006, 11:55
No, but I tried using diesel instead of veggie oil.

God, those chips were dreadful.

Lon More
4th Oct 2006, 12:00
FWIW have seen kits for the conversion on eBay in the past not too expensive. IIRC the guy with the moustache from Scrapheap Challenge has one and pays the Excise duty on it

4th Oct 2006, 12:11
Our neighbour across the street was not a happy bunny when he had to have the injection pump on his VW TDI replaced due to leakage.

VW then informed him that the engine was not certified to run on 'bio-diesel,' which is made from rape-seed oil. There's something in it that ruins the seals, I guess and that pump produces something like 3 000 psi! The information was either hidden in the owner's manual or else just not mentioned until he had the problem but I think he got the repairs done at a discount, when they still were expensive.

An engineer friend has run a series of Mercs on Jet-A for years with absolutely no problems, saving enough on fuel (just hazardous waste, the stuff you drain from the aircraft to do water checks every morning) to pay for the cars.

The Mercs have a separate oil supply to the injector pump where many other designs depend on the fuel itself for lubrication, hence the need to add oil to the Jet-A.

4th Oct 2006, 12:34
A member of my family has just bought a converter to make this stuff and has looked into the legal side of things. Customs allow you to use it for yourself and up to ?? number of cars AS LONG AS YOU DONT SELL IT (please dont hold me to this, it is what I am told). It makes his car smell like freshly cooked donuts!! mmmmmmmmm donuts....
A bonus for him is that his job is cleaning and emptying hotel and restaurant deep fat fryers, so a free supply of raw materials.