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4th Oct 2006, 00:08
Sorry if I got you to look under false pretences. I'm interested in knowing how they erect tower cranes, often in very restricted spaces. Could anyone with a civil engineering background point me to a website or other material?

4th Oct 2006, 00:16
It's EASY!
They use a tower crane to lift the sections into place!

Here's a clue:-
(Actually, they frequently use a very tall mobile crane (mounted on a truck).)

4th Oct 2006, 01:09
They use a derick crane which is a little crane that bolts on the side of the tower, raises each section to the top of the tower, bolts it in place and then the derick crane lifts itself to the top

erm I think

4th Oct 2006, 09:07
Which, thread creep not withstanding, leads me to ask how do scaffolders erect the scaffold at the top of the church spire when the weather cock or whatever is being repaired/refurbished. There is no scaffolding 'grounded' on a flat surface just diagonals onto the slope of the steeple ... I always wonder which is the first tube in.

Krystal n chips
4th Oct 2006, 11:08
Getting one of the things up is fine----but how do they get it down again when the building seems to surround it ! ?

What amazes me are the guys who operate the cranes---it's a looooong way to climb every morning and the same to descend of course----and I assume they have a portable toilet as well----and if so, how does that get emptied ---gravity being the obvious answer of course--but not the preferred option I suppose?

Howard Hughes
4th Oct 2006, 11:15
Well here is what is going to happen at the Eureka tower in Melbourne.

Crane dismantling. (http://www.infolink.com.au/articles/3A/0C03F33A.aspx)

Cheers, HH.:ok:

PS: There is also one that has pictures but I couldn't find it.

Lon More
4th Oct 2006, 11:35
Just give me a big hacksaw, I'll have it down in 10 minutes


Big Tudor
4th Oct 2006, 12:06
Some of the more modern tower cranes build themselves, so to speak. Once each vertical section is in place there are a series of jacks around the framework that lift the tower up so that another section can be inserted and bolted into place.
Can't answer the question on pee breaks for the drivers. Hope they don't just 'go over the side'. I know it can get a bit hairy up there though. Some of the taller ones sway by up to 5 feet either side of the vertical!
According to Discovery Channel a few weeks ago, over half of all the tower cranes in the world are in Shanghai rebuilding the whole place. :ok:

6th Oct 2006, 20:46
Thanks for the info, a nice weekend to all, regards chippy

6th Oct 2006, 22:13
i been up a very tall tv mast and that swayed 9 ft at the top!

some tower cranes legs, are actually left inside the building. they use the sections as lift shafts or service shafts.


6th Oct 2006, 23:08
How a tower crane works (http://science.howstuffworks.com/tower-crane.htm)

God I love that site! :D