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3rd Oct 2006, 19:14
Which airline would you choose flying: London to Delhi



or Air India

They are all the same price!

3rd Oct 2006, 19:27
From my experiences, I would use Virgin every time. :ok:

And if you can swindle your way into Upper Class, you'll be spoilt for life ;)

3rd Oct 2006, 19:54
They all fly out of heathrow, wouldn't take any of them. Got any others that depart from the provinces with a short break enroute? (but if I lived near heathrow it would have to be virgin, same price no contest)

3rd Oct 2006, 21:07
I was always told "take the one that's going home".

Don't know if that's good advice?

3rd Oct 2006, 21:22
So Virgin it is then....

Danny?....Any chance of an upgrade for a poor student pilot?...please.

3rd Oct 2006, 23:21

Aside from Emirates (had an upgrade), Virgin's been my best airline experience

3rd Oct 2006, 23:29
Son is flying Virgin Atlantic A340-600 to Boston MA tomorrow afternoon for a Conference in Cambridge MA, returning Friday evening. £1710 doggy class!

3rd Oct 2006, 23:30
Dude i would go Air India. just to see the difference and stuff. Did an Etihad. they were cool .

txt copied earlier....;)



4th Oct 2006, 00:17
It's actually going to be Lufthansa because a Visa Electron card is not good enough to book a Virgin Flight.

Heathrow, Munich, Delhi......and probably not a chance in hell of an upgrade!

4th Oct 2006, 00:59
I'd take the train

4th Oct 2006, 01:23
Take a boat, but remember POSH. ;)

4th Oct 2006, 05:10
Farrell! Coming this way? Any chance of getting to Bombay?

Dammit, i was in Delhi only a month ago and now I've quit my job so wont get back there.... if you're gonna be coming to Bombay, PM me. Or if you need any help or such :)

Buster Hyman
4th Oct 2006, 05:30
Ducky...Farrell is Darrell Hair's travel agent! ;)

4th Oct 2006, 07:00
Many moons ago, still working on the airport as ground staff we were the handling company for Air India flights. Air India operated the route BOM-DUR-JHB-BOM with an Airbus A310 I remember that they were regularly late out of DUR and the A310 going technical in Johannesburg on various occasions.
Goodness when they opened the cabin doors, a strange smell almost overwhelmed you, not a bad smell, sweet, sticky perfume type to smell. Once, onboard the a/c a pregnant ground staff member collapsed in the galley because of the overwhelming smell.

We called it the “miracle” flight, always lots of wheelchairs to be assisted, past immigration, baggage claims with lots of huge bags and just before you go thru the last door to meet their family, the “miracle” happened, they “hopped” off the wheelchair, grab the trolley, thank you and off they go…………………….:p

I would love to visit India but vowed never to fly them………….

4th Oct 2006, 08:03

I sent you a PM about three days ago asking if you would like to meet up when I was in Mumbai. :)

You should read your PMs - do not be afraid of them. They sometimes have good news in them. :}

4th Oct 2006, 08:11
Well ERASER, you haven't lived until you have experienced the smell that comes from outside the plane when they open the door in BOM.

4th Oct 2006, 08:39
Well ERASER, you haven't lived until you have experienced the smell that comes from outside the plane when they open the door in BOM.

I suspect that the smell when you open up a submarine after x months under the surface or upon entry into th Mir spacestation after 15 years is/was 'memorable'.:eek:

4th Oct 2006, 11:34
Sorry, I've replied back now! :ouch:

4th Oct 2006, 12:02
Thank you come again.....:E :E :E :E :E




4th Oct 2006, 12:47
I've flown four sectors in Y on Virgin. Not a single one of them good. I wouldn't put my worst enemy on them (especially if they are more than about 5' tall or don't have kids or want to get an ounce of sleep). Maybe it's just because mine were US flights so a high degree of chavness on board; India flights might be better. Maybe I'm just not 'cool' enough to 'get' the Virgin way of doing things.

Can't comment on their higher classes; having p155ed me off when I was paying for it, I wasn't about to give them the company money.

Also preferred the BA frequent flyer scheme over the VS one.

4th Oct 2006, 15:43

I Would say go for BA.

By the way Im from Delhi.. so just incase you need to know anything about the place just Shout ! :ok:

4th Oct 2006, 17:29
They are all the same price!Jet Airways is more expensive ? Not that I'm recommending them.

4th Oct 2006, 17:38
Virgin, no question at all:ok:

4th Oct 2006, 19:15

Looks like I might not even get there at this stage!

5th Oct 2006, 04:48
at least clear out yer PM box my man!