View Full Version : Oh, the cull is coming soooooon!

3rd Oct 2006, 15:24
More improvements!


I wonder what brought THAT on!????


3rd Oct 2006, 15:27
I got that message several weeks ago - so it's not that new!

3rd Oct 2006, 15:32
Oh well, maybe it is just an admin thing.

Shame if it is though cos it's actually a good idea.

3rd Oct 2006, 15:38
Tis a good thing.

This place is becoming more and more like a chat room. Or Family Guy.

tony draper
3rd Oct 2006, 16:14
One is easily distracted so when one turns back to the screen one cannot remember if one has hit submit reply or not,ergo one oft gets that message.

Capt. Queeg
3rd Oct 2006, 16:52
Good ol' Waldorf and Statler - what they had to say was always relevant and interesting and they were always quite amusing in a facetious way. I don't know if Waldorf and Statler deserve the comparison. But for your purposes, I just can't think of an image with a better visual impact than those two muppets....

Ahhh..... muppets. Yes I get it now. ;):p Sorry, bit slow on the uptake!

4th Oct 2006, 01:04
Does this mean I'm going to actually get other stuff done?

4th Oct 2006, 02:17
You're all wrong. :)

It was created to moderate all posts made by the 300 persona and all the aliasess associated with it.

Guess Destiny Child thread did it!!! :}

6th Oct 2006, 01:09

Probationary accounts. Can see the sense in that.

Minimum of 12 characters to a posting. OK

But 5 mins between postings seems a bit draconian............

Is that really necessary?

This forum requires that you wait 300 seconds between posts. Please try again in 19 seconds.

I really have to learn to type a bit slower :confused:

6th Oct 2006, 01:17
I think it's a great idea.

This place was turning into some form of online chat

(Yup, I'm guilty of it as well sometimes)

Plus, gives the opportunity to re-read posts for typos and spulleng mustakus.

6th Oct 2006, 01:31

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I see what you are saying!


6th Oct 2006, 02:17
And how long before you can embed an image or does that have to be eaned?

114 seconds .....

patience ...... 42 seconds

16 seconds .....

6th Oct 2006, 11:55
I must have joined on a REALLY slow day - no restrictions. (But I really must update my jokes... can I get banned for repetative jokes? Can I get banned for repetative jokes? What do you really think of - oh, never mind. Just drained my cooler and put away the lawn chair, still got on the trench coat tho'... :eek: )

Cheers, y'all.

6th Oct 2006, 12:23
Shame they couldn't make it 20 mins or half an hour given some of the rubbish posted.

6th Oct 2006, 12:27
\ /

6th Oct 2006, 12:31
It isn't really a problem for me. It's not a case of typing slowly. I just tend to think that slowly. :E

Tricky Woo
6th Oct 2006, 13:03
Uncle Danny didn't introduce this to p1ss you lot off.

It's a well-known protective measure to stop bad people from setting up robots that repetitively mass-post until the whole site grinds to a halt. It's known as a denial of service attack.


6th Oct 2006, 13:50
They got robots that can type?:uhoh:

6th Oct 2006, 15:24
They got robots that can type?:uhoh:

Why not? NTL have one that answers the phone:E

Stoney X
6th Oct 2006, 15:30
I think the 'smarter' method of control would be setting x number of posts in y mins. Say 3 posts per 5 mins, or 5 per 10 mins. Then you could post a number of replies and bugger off for a while. Just my 2p's worth.

6th Oct 2006, 16:11
Why not? NTL have one that answers the phone:E

That's not a robot mary....that's a turnip!