View Full Version : Best mates or worst enemies

2nd Oct 2006, 13:06
I've been reading a lot of climbing books at the minute.

Sooo, I was climbing a big granite slab, looking like a big scared gortex starfish, cause I was stuck. My phone rang. Since I've got the IQ of a button mushroom I reached into the arm pocket and answered it.
'You muppet, I knew you'd answer.'
It was my mate doing belay at the bottom.
'What the F*** are you F****** doing F*** off'

Because he's taken his phone out, is staring into space and talking to me 15 metres above I'm not belayed. I try and turn into a very sticky limpet.

So what's the most dangerous or painful way a best mate has put you at risk.

2nd Oct 2006, 13:07
Question is, what did you think was more important than hanging on to life whilst 45 foot above terra firma??

2nd Oct 2006, 13:28
Had a mate of mine I used to work with take me flying one day. Departed Archerfield and flew down to Coolangatta, did a couple of touch and gos and started flying back. The weather started closing in a bit on our return, and we were certainly more IMC than VMC.

I remember looking at him and asking "Hey, that's cool. When did you get your IFR rating?"

"I didn't!"


Buster Hyman
2nd Oct 2006, 13:41
(I did it to him actually)

We were driving back from golf up in the hills...long & winding road home, stuck behind Ma & Pa Clampett..."Pass him, pass him" he kept moaning, so I did...on a hairpin bend, and just got in before the oncoming traffic...shut him up for 2 weeks!:E

2nd Oct 2006, 15:30
Like I said, it wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done.
But I did answer the phone once while flying a spinaker in gusting winds which kept on making us broach. Got a new job and twice the salary :}

The best mate so far has stabbed me in the arm, playing with a knife, burnt me with a red hot mess tin, shot me but only with an air rifle, got me beaten up, twice, got me run over by a car. He also set a another friends house on fire. A proper fire, with firemen and hoses and stuff.

But I still laugh my b*llicks off with him. Just need a flak jacket.

2nd Oct 2006, 15:47
Well, my brother once shot me in the thigh with an air pistol from about six inches the cnut.:(

2nd Oct 2006, 19:00
Ah c'mon, brothers don't count.
They're going to do a myriad of things that are possibly lethal.
You just don't swear as much 'cause you don't know the words.
Brother: Do a wheelie on your bike
He actually admires me for something, how touching.
Me: Okey dokey, I'll just get onto the main road.
Pull a wheelie and look in awe as front wheel seperates, bounces, and takes a different route.
I've now 1.5 seconds to live on a bike with one wheel on a main road wondering how much this is going to hurt.

The wee sh!te had taken out the nuts that held the front wheel on.