View Full Version : IR => Credit for CPL ??

1st Oct 2006, 19:56
hello everybody!

when we do an IR rating, is there a credit hours as a PIC for CPL ??

For CPL we have to get 200 hours total flight, of which at least 100 hours as PIC.

For example I was thinking to do an IR rating at AEROFAN maybe just IR SE for my hours building because I have a PPL and 100 hours. At this school they use only aircraft not FNPTII etc, so I wonder if these hours during the course are counted as PIC or DC ?

I think it is more intersting to do hours building like this than flying in VFR around the airport...if you have an another idea...thank you!

Hour Builder
1st Oct 2006, 20:20

If you have finished the JAR IR, then the 25 hour JAR CPL SE course is reduced to 15 hour (as the 10 hour IFR section of the course is no longer required).

I think what you are asking is do the JAR SE IR at aerofan training hours count as PIC, the answer to this is no. If you have SE IR on your JAR PPL, and you then build hours IFR, of course this counts as PIC. THe only thing on your IR course that counts as PIC is your successful IR skill test.


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