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1st Oct 2006, 15:54
This is a form basicly describing yourself:ok:

What you do
What you look like(any pics)
Anything about yourselfAfter all there was a song written about it-
(well- Me, Myself and I)


So c'mon lets be having you!!!!!!!!!!:}

1st Oct 2006, 17:25
I refer the honourable gentleman to the posts made earlier Photos of Everybody ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... Last Page)

Now go and think up a subject for another thread :ugh:

Capt. Queeg
1st Oct 2006, 17:40
Well I notice this topic of yours is thread-bare.... :p

I was gonna post a photo of my name sake here as I can't bear to see tumbleweeds rolling by on anyone's thread, especially my own.

In 8-ball, if the other guy sinks all his balls before you sink any, you have to drop your daks and do a lap of the table. Not sure if similar applies in thread-posting??

Anyway, seems IMDb won't let me link the pic here so here's the link to the page, itself (http://www.imdb.com/gallery/mptv/1079/Mptv/1079/5732-0005.jpg?path=gallery&path_key=0046816).

Edit: Ah, I see Allan has jumped in put you in your place and save your dignity! Still, I went to a lot of effort on the keyboard so I'll leave it up!