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30th Sep 2006, 20:53

I'm just curiousHello Gents,

Iím just curious to see what the Warbird scene is like over in Europe. Are there a lot of opportunities to fly some Warbirds over there? Iím not talking about flying Spitfireís or Lancaster bombersÖ.but Cornellís, Chipmunks, Stearmanís, Harvardís ect. In Canada there are different organizations like the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association or Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, where someone with the right qualifications (ie. PPL/CPL/ATPL and a good CHUNK of tail time) can get the opportunity to fly some of these machines. Most of these organizations in Canada have pilotís who volunteer to fly these machines at different airshows, whom take up paying people to generate revenue for the museum or organization. Howís it like over there? Is flying Warbirds over in Europe, exclusively reserved for rich blokes or crusty old 747 captains?


30th Sep 2006, 21:42
There are definitely several outfits in the UK that can take your for a ride or give you stick time in Harvards, Tiger Moths and the like. And it is possible - but expensive! - to get a ride in Spitfire made for two...



9th Oct 2006, 13:35
I think you could try Keenair at Liverpool Airport / Liverpool Flying School. One of the owners of Keenair does have some warbirds as part of a collection. I think Caernarfon Airfield is involved as well - put it this way the Spitfire was zooming over my caravan at the weekend which is close to Caernarfon