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30th Sep 2006, 08:48
One point. One super, jaw clenching, edge of seat, adrenalin pumping point!


For non Aussies - the West Coast Eagles defeated the Sydney Swans in today's AFL Grand Final

30th Sep 2006, 14:24
Eagles? Swans? what was it? a ballet?

30th Sep 2006, 16:34
Much better than Ballet mate! The Eagles deserved it, Fantastic game.

:ok: :ok: :ok: :ok:
:D :D :D :D

30th Sep 2006, 20:45
An immense disappointment to the Sydney players, who valiantly drew back the margin to no avail.

I have to apologise my neighbours who must have endured us willing the Sydney team on approaching 0800 here. Thankfully I've a relatively large house so hopefully they will not have heard our 'Carn Sinney' chant and wondered what was going on.

Congratulations, allan907, savour your well-earned win.


30th Sep 2006, 22:07
Two soles are floating through the sky on their way to heaven.

On their journey they spot a couple of eagles soaring gently in the sky.

Pointing towards them, one sole says to the other "Ah, eagles".

The eagles were of course too polite to reply.....

30th Sep 2006, 23:10
My knowledge of Aussie Rules is limited, though I do know that the goals must be the largest in any professional sport - I mean, how the hell can you miss? Anyway, isn't Melbourne the capital of Rules? Why was a team from Perth and a team from Sydney, which is Rugby League territory, battling it out in the grand final?

By the way, the West Coast Eagles had a team song a few years ago. This I know as the Ice Hockey team I supported were called the Ayr Scottish Eagles and they nicked it to make a song of their own.

We are Eagles, Scottish Eagles
And we're here to show you why...

It was crap :sad:

Romeo Delta
1st Oct 2006, 02:02
The song is STILL crap. They played it last night after the match. :yuk:

Great watching, though. Battle right to the end. Congrats to the Eagles, and all their supporters. :ok:

Now, let me get back to my Union Rugby, thanks... :}

1st Oct 2006, 02:35
I could SWEAR I pisted about the incorrect spelling of souls . . .

Must've deleted it when drunk . . .

1st Oct 2006, 03:23
The following morning................and - oooooer - my head don't half hurt!

agree that the song is crap - but that's what we're stuck with now for the next 100 years or so

Western Australia and NSW battling out 'cos Victorian teams this year are crap

1st Oct 2006, 08:44
They were last year too but then WE were robbed last year. A fitting end to a titanic struggle is that we have both had a turn at victory. Now lets see if we can do it again.

By the way am I the only one who heard a commentator suggest a third WA based team. They tried to weaken the Eagles by introducing the Dockers and it backfired as we now have two strong teams in the west. Imagine how pi$$ed off they would be if we had a third strong team. We may even be able to keep the Vics out of the finals alltogether.