View Full Version : Jerricho back in London in January = P*SS UP!!!!

29th Sep 2006, 21:22
Right, clear your social calendars, I'll be gracing the shores of Blighty in January.

I'm gonna be in London weekend of January 6/7. Who wants to meet up for a beer or three on Monday 8? I'm buying :ok:

(I suppose I should post this in the Bash forum........I'll leave it here for a bit then post over there)

29th Sep 2006, 21:24
**** off..............

29th Sep 2006, 21:28
Good, Colmac off the list.

29th Sep 2006, 21:34
Might just have to mark that one in the diary.

Sounds better than a Moscow overnight any way :E

29th Sep 2006, 22:05
Monday the 8th, hang on I'm off then.

Oh well, if I must........

30th Sep 2006, 00:22
Who is this Jerricho person, and should I drink with him?
Do I have to march round him seven times and blow a trumpet to get a beer?

30th Sep 2006, 00:25
Dunno about the blowing thing.

I don't subscribe to those shenanigans.

30th Sep 2006, 00:34
If I'm invited it could get messy.....:ouch:

Such as; early to bed means finding your room at 0800.

Your choice....

30th Sep 2006, 03:17
Sorry Jerry, we have to be in California in January.:(

Well the wife does, but you know I could sneak off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ow, oh ouch, no dear I would not dream of not being with you in LA.

Er, never mind,:ouch: .

Krystal n chips
30th Sep 2006, 07:10
I'm buying :ok:


:hmm: Does this offer involve a park bench at all ? Are Transport Canada's ex's that generous ? Have you won the lottery ?---or does this involve 1 bottle----and lots of straws ? :p ;) :E

30th Sep 2006, 08:35
There will be orange juice right ?:}

30th Sep 2006, 11:49
I'll have a half - let me know where & when! :ok:

30th Sep 2006, 13:11
I'll bring the deck chair :ok: