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29th Sep 2006, 20:58
I don't know if such a thread has been posted before but has anyone else noticed that which ever Airport you go to they completley devoid of clocks! Why is this? You would think that time keeping is of the essence especially for SLF. Every train platform in any station I've ever seen has it's own massive version so why is the time such a big secret in Airports? :confused:

(with watch and mobile with a clock on it thank goodness)

29th Sep 2006, 22:48
I've noticed this (a long time ago). I once challenged the 'staff' who explained that 'time' is included on the departure monitors.
I'm not certain that that is universal, but all I wanted was to be able to see a CLOCK!

29th Sep 2006, 22:56
so why is the time such a big secret in Airports? :confused:It's a cunning plan to ensure that as many passengers as possible miss the check-in deadline. This in turn enables TV companies to churn out hundreds of programmes about irate and disgruntled would-be Air-travellers. :rolleyes:

On the other hand, Airport Terminals are littered with flight information displays .......... which also show the time. Sometimes it's even correct! ;)

29th Sep 2006, 23:26
We had a thread discussing the arrogance (and power-madness) of airport security staff, but tonight's 'Airport' prog on TV showed a check-in supervisor behaving like a right prick - demanding that the passenger was 'polite' to him otherwise he would NOT book her on a subsequent flight. She had missed her check-in by 5 minutes (OK deadlines are deadlines), but who the hell does HE think he is to deny that passenger the right to reserve a seat on a subsequent flight (for which she had to pay £35 surcharge). "Be nice to me otherwise you've no chance." (not verbatim, but the guy is an @rsehole and should be disciplined (and retrained) by his supervisors when they saw that, but I bet you he wasn't. The lack of flexibility allowed by Fleecyjet when passengers arrive late or get diverted (they wanted £100 per person for 20 passengers who had been diverted from Newcastle to Bristol to return to Newcastle). The 'plane flew with empty seats as the passengers took hire cars instead (AND reached Newcastle before the 'plane took off!).
Normally the programme shows passengers being unreasonable (sometimes with provocation) but tonight's prog seemed to highlight the Company's shortcomings and unreasonabe inflexibility.

29th Sep 2006, 23:40
Oh! Rats, don't say I missed another Airport/Airline docusoap! I've just noticed the blurb in the RT - "Things are running like clockwork at Luton ........" :bored: