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28th Sep 2006, 18:30
If you had a buldozer for a day...where would start, and where would you finish?

I think I'd see if I could flatten a few telemarketing companies first.....:E

28th Sep 2006, 20:44
Wherever they are holding the Labour Party Conference - first I'd need a welding torch to make sure they couldn't escape though.

28th Sep 2006, 20:59
I'd like to flatten my neighbour, but seeing as how she's the size of a small island, she'd prolly give the bulldozer a run for it's money:hmm:

28th Sep 2006, 21:06
I might start at the home of bulldozers - Rocester! Appalling man management and treatment of people.



Pan Pan Splash
28th Sep 2006, 21:09
Naa whirls, that big posh gaff in oxfordshire would be a better start.. annoy her ladyship first!!!:E

28th Sep 2006, 21:11
You're right 'cept I think, technically, it's Gloucestershire! But good thinking; like your style!



28th Sep 2006, 21:14

If you had a buldozer for a day...where would start, and where would you finish?

England and England

:E :E


28th Sep 2006, 21:19
Had to build me own runway once and I was let loose in a Caterpillar D9. Hooeee almost as much fun as screaming down the runway at Colt. (I imagine :E )

To answer the question I am not happy with the Belgrano at the mo, but surely the real target has to be the bloody, bloody bank. They absolutely takimg the piss. When I skint they charged me for being skint. Now I have abit of disposable salted away they are still trying to rob me. Death to all banks I say.

28th Sep 2006, 21:19
Colmac's house. :E

28th Sep 2006, 21:25
the dome.
then virtually every other public building built since ww2.

come the revolution, any building higher than our town hall, or parish church, shall be demolished.

28th Sep 2006, 21:26
Colmac's house. :E

.....with colmac in it:E :p

28th Sep 2006, 23:32
.....with colmac in it:E :p

Oh but take comfort that you wouldn't be alone!

....G-CPTN would be there with you! :}

28th Sep 2006, 23:51
start at john o'groats and finish lands end...
...then rebuild, ground up and all that malarky

29th Sep 2006, 00:22
Oh but take comfort that you wouldn't be alone!

....G-CPTN would be there with you! :}
Whaddya sayin' like?

29th Sep 2006, 07:18
Whaddya sayin' like?

Statler & Waldorf is what I'm sayin'


Buster Hyman
29th Sep 2006, 07:25
I'd sit in the right hand lane of the Freeway waiting for a taxi to come by....:E

Krystal n chips
29th Sep 2006, 07:25
The surreal world as inhabited by those who "work" :confused: at Watergate---just off the M25---the place and it's occupants never ceased to amaze me on the odd visit I had to make there.

29th Sep 2006, 08:43
Oh, and anyone with a Gnome in the garden!

Oh shhhhh! The boys at Heathrow are very sensitive about gnomes!.....did they ever get them back I wonder? :E

29th Sep 2006, 09:23
I do believe that Foxtons:yuk:, the bearer of joy and the benchmark of all that is good and great and honest in estate agencies:yuk: could do with a bit of a face lift.:}
A touch of landscaping wouldn't go amiss methinks, this city could do with more random touches of greenery.... Bring on the shrubbery.......:E

29th Sep 2006, 09:27
If we are talking estate agents lets start with all Bridgefords branchs all their hideous and rude staff should be locked inside too.

29th Sep 2006, 09:56
estate agents lets start with all Bridgefords branchs all their hideous and rude staff should be locked inside too.Agree with that with one local agent, but have had dealings with two others who were very polite and helpful staff and company.

I would like to bulldoz all those stuck up toffs who think they are lord and lady mucks of the world who come into money and then think they own the world! Ie Mr P Burrell after watching him on a TV programme recently. How he made himself look an idot putting down people who came from the same social status as himself. He is just a bulter for heavens sake nothing more or less and a scum bag to boot!

Him and others who get rich and famous from kiss and tells. Their good fortune should be buldozed in my mind.

Rather be Gardening
29th Sep 2006, 09:56
Definitely the Dome. Then that building in London with all the plumbing pipes on the outside - and put a sign on the rubble saying "Next Time Get It Right".

29th Sep 2006, 10:51
All good suggestions, but the problem is bulldozers are crap at demolishing stuff - anything you pushed at would fall on top of the driver:ouch:

A wrecking ball however....

Now let me loose on the Welsh Assembly building....:E

Windy Militant
29th Sep 2006, 11:21
Now let me loose on the Welsh Assembly building....:E
I thought somebody already had!:}

"Drive through Mc D*nalds" a D9's the best way to enjoy that experience!:D

29th Sep 2006, 11:27
Pure brilliance, Mariner9 :D, a combination of the wrecking ball/bulldozer, applied ever so gingerly and with great love and care of course, could solve so many problems in this world. :E

Could we start with solving the Fxxxtnnnsss:yuk: 'issue', please!!!

29th Sep 2006, 11:36
My back garden to give it a hint of level.
Then drive back onto the driveway leaving massive track marks like what happened last time.:{

The only big yellow workman like thing I've ever driven was a dumper truck.
You started it with a nail (??) 'cause the ignition key was lost and tipped the front by hitting a button with a hammer. Testing this function while in motion gets people shouting. I was only young.

29th Sep 2006, 11:38
And..................A Herring!

Foxtons are, without over simplifying, utterly effing useless. I have never met a less appealing bunch of individuals/oxy thieves as I did in the Islington branch. I think military personnel should be allowed a practice kill each year - that place would keep me busy for a while.

29th Sep 2006, 12:05
the neighbours,definitely the neighbours.and their cars.and their kids.annoying people.oh and their cat,although i think a car did that for us last week

cessna l plate
29th Sep 2006, 13:26
I have to admit to being quite surprised by this thread.

We are now 2 pages in and no-one has yet offered up The Belgrano, so my offereing is that wonderful building in Gatwick The Belgrano, and all who sail in her!!

The Hustler
29th Sep 2006, 15:20
The Scottish Parliament - bloody ugly, no 2 bits look like they were designed by the same species, still looks like it's got Chinese builders working on it 'cos of the bamboo scaffolding, looks even worse from above - even if you're not flying it's right next to the only decent hill in Edinburgh so you can't avoid seeing it :*

As for the Welsh Assembly - do they all sit on the floor in rows first thing in the morning? :E

Oh yeah - and Glasgow . . .

29th Sep 2006, 19:33
What's Glasgow done wrong?

Its got more handsome Victorian sandstone structures than most other places I know, Central Station is a masterpiece, and the Waverley is based there - away'nbilyerheedyerteuchter!

Now; wind (they'll save the world you know) turbines - let me at 'em

29th Sep 2006, 19:34
I'd start with Paris Hilton, cruise over Rosie O'Donnell and finish with Tom Cruise.

29th Sep 2006, 19:47
bulldozers are crap at demolishing stuff - anything you pushed at would fall on top of the driver:ouch:
I don't think Danny's friends would agree with you there.

29th Sep 2006, 20:24
No question about it, THE ANGEL OF THE NORTH. Rusty, contemporary sculpture that offends the eye. Flatten it

Buster Hyman
30th Sep 2006, 11:43
bulldozers are crap at demolishing stuff

Mariner9 If you have seen the start of the Italian Job (not the crap remake!), you'll get some idea of what I was talking about!:ok:

"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!":D:D

1st Oct 2006, 06:40
How about:
Canberra (at least all of the government buildings...);:sad:
Banks (all of them);:*
4 wheel drives that never leave the bitumen (definitely all of them):ugh:

1st Oct 2006, 23:26
I'd have to bulldoze the middle lane of every motorway in the country (except the M32 in Bristol cos it hasn't got one) to stop all the braindead clowns who haven't got a friggin clue what it's there for getting in it, preferably I'd like to bulldoze it with them still sat in it :ugh: :ugh:

2nd Oct 2006, 00:25
I have a friend who actually does own his own personal bulldozer. But he keeps it at his mountain place for road work - too far from the city to be of use in "civic improvement".