View Full Version : Oh no! Not another wtf are these?(part 8)

28th Sep 2006, 13:17

28th Sep 2006, 13:25
hmmm, well, a & c are some sort of guns, d is a dragon, b is a scary mother of a spider

Pan Pan Splash
28th Sep 2006, 13:52
a)My version of Supernanny's "Naughty step"

b) My last ex wife.

c) Last seen in my local police station brandished by the highwaymen who issued the fine..

d) My last ex mother in law

e) No witty answers for this one.. bottle opener??

f) My Starboard gonad after that last daliance down on "Dodgy Strasse"

;) :p

I hhasten to point out answer f) is a complete joke!! Honest it is, I have never had "The wee umbrella thing" used on me, nor have I had the "Purple pish" syndrome...:}

28th Sep 2006, 14:06
Last one is a 'backward earphone' whatever the **** that is....

no help from google - honest....:hmm:

28th Sep 2006, 14:34
The sole purpose of the objects A, C, D, E and F is to annihilate the object B et al:eek: from the face of this planet.:} Naaah, Galaxy.:*

Pan Pan Splash
28th Sep 2006, 14:37
RaRa have you been on the loopy juice again?? Scotch will be your undoing!!!!;)

28th Sep 2006, 14:49
Nope, it's not yet cocktail hour, a neat Scotch at this time would be much too potent methinks.:O
As for them crawlies, off with the heads, I say, all of them!:*

Pan Pan Splash
28th Sep 2006, 14:55
Funny that, neat Scotch makes me walk and fight like a drunk spider.. just tip a little on its head and watch the ensuing carnage..:O

28th Sep 2006, 15:00
crawlies, off with the headswas that not the sentiments of the French Revolution upstarts.

28th Sep 2006, 15:06
just tip a little on its head and watch the ensuing carnage..:O
One will not, under any circumstances, get that close to them unmentionables. :eek: :{ :uhoh: There will be no spider carnage encouraged by Scotch, neat or otherwise in the same postcode as yours truly. :\

28th Sep 2006, 15:27
Now, for any normal, sensible sized spider id say its more afraid of you etc...

...but in this case, it looks as if, if it had the chance it would tread on you and eat your first born :{

28th Sep 2006, 17:02
b. Wolf spider.

e. electric reproducer made out of an Edison C reproducer and a Dominion Electro Home earphone (http://members01.chello.se/christer.hamp/phono/unknown-dominion.html)

28th Sep 2006, 17:08
Oh, Jeezus H. Another view of a Wolf Spider:ooh: :ouch:


I feel sick

Buster Hyman
28th Sep 2006, 22:02
a cant see it
b Spider
c Gun
d dragon
e Lid
f snot