View Full Version : Turning Points

28th Sep 2006, 11:22
Have you ever influenced someone to make a major change the path of their life.....hopefully for the better?

Once had a buddy who expressed his boredom with university life. I suggested he learn to fly and become a pilot. I said I thought he'd be good at it. He's now a captain for a major international carrier.

28th Sep 2006, 11:40
I had a young girl working for me a while back. One day on the way in to work, a car drew up & the guy tried to bundle her inside. She fought him off & turned up at the office all shaken (as you would be) I called the police, a wpc turned up & I left them to have a chat & give a statement.

The long & short of it was that six months later, she quit & joined the force. They never did catch the guy either.

28th Sep 2006, 12:40
I guess simply being a flight instructor counts. Assisting in transforming a few people from being mere groundpounders to something.... uuuuuh.... better. ;)