View Full Version : Mosquito Music

28th Sep 2006, 08:57
I think this has a big future - pop music that only kids can hear........ :D :D
Secret alarm becomes dance track (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/south_east/5382324.stm)

29th Sep 2006, 03:32
A condition called presbycusis, or ageing ear, means that by the time most people reach the age of 25, they cannot hear much above a frequency of 13 or 14 kilohertz.Its the Clubbing that does it...

29th Sep 2006, 06:11
So baby seals must be high tone deaf then.........

29th Sep 2006, 07:11
that's very interesting

i have just downloaded a selection of tones of different khz and i can only hear a maximum of 15khz

but if i turn up the volume, the dogs outside go mad!