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28th Sep 2006, 06:40
Hi I was just wondering if anyone can help me. My parents have got a couple of days in Dubai next week and mum is wanting to buy a diamond over there. Where is the best place to buy diamonds in Dubai and what should you expect to pay? - Is it cheaper than buying a diamond in Australia? Also what is the quality like and are they fixed prices? Thanks so much for your help!

28th Sep 2006, 23:15
Please anyone? -Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

29th Sep 2006, 06:07
make sure the diamond comes with a well-known certificate.

the price vary depending on the size,color,clarity and cut.

in dxb u should be more carefull.

i have always bought in bangkok and never got disappointed.

computer jockey
29th Sep 2006, 09:16
I never bought diamonds in Dubai, but years ago I bought gold. I guess it's the same now: remember the golden rule - caveat emptor (buyer beware). Try to go to the big dealers in the main malls and as aaaxe said, get a certificate which lists the origin, cut, colour and clarity of the stone. You will find this certificate useful when you get home to show your insurance company so you can get decent cover. The big shops have all fixed prices, but you will be charged according to the setting of the stone. Not sure if your parents wanted to buy unset diamonds or not?
The back street souks are very tempting and have fantastic prices, especially as you can barter. But you have to know exactly what you are buying, you may end up paying a small fortune for a piece of cut glass, and you won't be able to take it back.
That said, Dubai is a Mecca (no pun intended;)) for jewellery. When you get there, you should be able to find local magazines and guide books available (usually for free in your hotel room) which will list all the major shopping centres.
Good luck!

29th Sep 2006, 09:37
What do your parents ultimately want to do with the stone? Is it an investment or do they want to get it set?

I know people who have brought diamonds in Dubai thinking that they'll get them set into an engagement ring or some other piece of jewellery and then once home realised that it wasnt what they really wanted. If they are buying jewellery it is far better to buy finished pieces from reputed stores - eg. Damas, Al Futtaim Jewellery etc. There are some other good "local" stores there such as Alfardan etc.

Buying loose stones as said before can be somewhat of a risk. I dont know of any price benefit of buying them in UAE, unless you know someone reputable in the trade - and then that would apply to any diamond centre. From the point of buying counterfeit goods - one should stick to reputable retailers...buying from someone down the back of an alley you never know what you are getting. Some retailers these days have gem defensive machines that can tell the difference between the real thing and not...you could ask if they have one...although currently there are relatively few of them around.

Good luck...

29th Sep 2006, 10:41
ooops i must have come to the wrong web site. I thought this was an aviation forum/discussion site not a precious stone and shopping advice site. My mistake.:confused:

Oh pipe down. Emirates has one of worlds largest number of cabin crew and a lot of air crew from other airlines fly there. I think its a good place to ask her question.

There are several larger established shops in the gold souk you don't have to go to the big stores in the shopping malls.

I bought a pair of diamond studs last year from the souk with out a certificate and then got them valued at home and turns out I got a pretty good deal.

29th Sep 2006, 11:58
aaaxe i completely agree with you,i bought jewellery out in thailand,wouldnt have bought it when i went to dubai.
but i agree with most of the posters on this thread, make sure its from a reputable retailer and maybe get it tested elsewhere to ensure it is what its meant to be :ok:

30th Sep 2006, 13:14
The gold souk is a good place to look... you'll be spoilt for choice. My mum bought a diamond ring there, and had it valued on return... was worth double what she paid.

Ex EK Trolley
30th Sep 2006, 15:02
Hi There, I have lived in Dubai for twelve years and have never heard of any risk buying diamonds here. As previoulsy advised buying is recommened from the retailers at the Diamond Souks or indeed the shopping malls or hotels. The shops do stock different designs so do shop around. High quality diamonds are certified by the world diamond council, smaller diamonds may receive a local certificate from the retailer but this isnt always so.Finally do bargain as its expected here and with a favourable Sterling rate there probably hasnt been a better time to buy if your from the UK.Good Luck and enjoy your shopping!:ok:

1st Oct 2006, 11:29
Thanks so much guys - I have been away for a couple of days and got back to all this info, so thanks heaps and sorry if I offended anyone by posting on this website. I have also heard of Gold and Diamond Park on Sheikh Zayed Road - is this any good? - Yes, it is for a loose stone that dad wants to set as a ring for their 30th wedding anniversary. Thanks again, I will pass all the info on.

Ex EK Trolley
1st Oct 2006, 13:32
The Gold and Diamond park at junction 4 is more accessible than the Gold Souk on the creek and is infact probably a better option as its inside with air conditioning! Its also a great location so they can also go and visit Madinet Souk where there are loads of nice restaurants and they can get some great photos of the Burj Al Arab. If they are coming in the next few weeks as it is Ramadam at the moment, probably an ideal time would be to go in the evening as everything will definately be open.They should consider having the diamond set here as its very reasonable for 18carat gold. Happy Shopping!

1st Oct 2006, 23:34
hi stillflying - how about our very own WA Argyle Diamonds - i know they may not be tax-free if your parents buy it here in Oz, like it is there in DXB and that DXB would have amazing shopping - but Argyle Diamonds are amongst the best in the world. :ok:

:D and yes i agree with ezybus and pinkus that flitegirl should "pipedown" - this website is also a social forum for crew and airline folks - as well as using it as an opportunity to criticise (or even praise) airlines etc.

oh and b.t.w. flitegirl in response to your post on the Virgin AtlanticBase thread (which as been closed):

Look at Qantas, they are sending more and more crew jobs off shore. Whilst I realise competition is necessary, we also need to consider protecting our local airlines to some degree. Our competitors are often government owned/protected or in Ch11 bankruptcy. Let's face it, the better our local airlines do, the more likely we will keep our good jobs and live in Australia

I thought QF was one of the few airlines that did make a profit - if they're doing "better" why are they outsourcing IT jobs to India and why are using companies like MAM to hire crew:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

3rd Oct 2006, 08:17
Seconding Ex EK Trolley - the Gold and Diamond Park is a lovely place to shop - though the advertised tour of the jewellery making factory wasn't available on my recent trip. It should be visited while traveling out to the Ski slope if you are staying in central Dubai. Otherwise - go to the Gold Souk and compare a couple of shops - they are all very competitive and the quality is excellent.

5th Oct 2006, 03:06
Hey dude..

My uncle deals with diamonds and has shops around dubai ( including Gold Souk ). Pm me if you are interested.

13th Oct 2006, 11:04
I've picked up gemstones (well my wife has, shes a jeweller, I just pay...)from the Gold and Diamond Park up near the Burj.. Its a much better place to go than the old gold souk, quieter and less hassle. They also had a good selection of colored diamonds. Make sure you know your stuff before going in and hence what you should pay. Also you will get a huge range of options as to mounting the stone and they tend to charge no more than cost for doing so. A really top notch 18 carat ring mount can be had for about 150 quid including mounting the stone (the stone is of course extra!). As a guide you should be able to put something together for between a third and half the cost you would pay back in the UK.

27th Oct 2006, 14:14
Le Paris Diamonds in 'City Centre' shopping centre, we have made a few purchases there and they are a nice bunch of guys.. they also have a branch in the Gold Souk, Certs etc are provided.

16th Mar 2009, 16:49

If you are looking to buy Diamonds, I suggest you go for a Diamond Dealer rather than a authorised showroom. Showrooms give you higher prices.

I know one Diamond dealer based in Dubai from whom i regularly buy diamonds. He is an Indian.

You can contact him for any help required. Please note down his contact info:
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