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27th Sep 2006, 09:04
Hi Guys

Just wanted to get some views on the current situation. My lady and I are going to be there for 4 days on the way back from OZ at the beginning of Nov.

Has anyone been there in the last week or going? How would you play it? I.e Just go or canx now or hang around and see? Ive never been to anywhere in Asia before so slightly concerned.



Curious Pax
27th Sep 2006, 09:12
Colleague out there (Thai national) reported that all was quite, and the soldiers/tanks on the streets were merely proving a photo opportunity for locals and tourists alike. Although he felt that it was a shame that the military got involved, and it shouldn't be needed there these days, the government was believed to be hugely corrupt so in general the population don't seem to be too upset at what happened, hence no trouble. The best bit was that they got an extra public holiday the day after it happened!

27th Sep 2006, 09:19
Tim Henman (in Bangkok) on Radio Five has just 'confirmed' that all is quiet and 'normal' in Bangkok. He said that, unless you had watched the media BEFORE arriving, you wouldn't know that there was any political activity.
on the way back from OZ at the beginning of Nov.
A WEEK is a long time in politics, so SIX weeks is another era.

27th Sep 2006, 09:57
I have daily contact with a former colleague out there and he says that there are absolutley no problems at all from a tourist point of view. Avoiding the far south would not be a bad idea though

The streets are quiet (for Bangkok anyway) and safe.

I'm off there for 2 weeks on 06/10 and looking forward to being there again.

The weather.... well, thats another matter.... rain everyday. We're talking real rain as well not just showers.

Have a look at www.thaivisa.com forums for a day to day update.... but I certainly wouldn't cancel with the way things stand at the mo. If you want to pm me between 07/10 and 22/10 I'll let you know how it is on the ground.

27th Sep 2006, 11:59
How would you play it?Well I'd stay away from the pretty ladies. In fact the prettier and more ladylike they were, the more I'd stay away.