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27th Sep 2006, 07:08
Torygraph: Don't be horrid to Poms, Aussies told

Australian cricket fans will be asked to perform an apparently impossible act of mental gymnastics in the forthcoming Ashes series.

Cricket Australia, the sport's governing body Down Under, has ruled that visiting English fans can be called "Poms" or "Pommies" without fear of breaching the country's strict racism laws. However, even in the heat of their desire to win back the famous urn they surrendered at the Oval 380 days ago, Australian barrackers must avoid linking the P-word with anything "hurtful. . . racist, offensive or humiliating".

The last time an Englishman inside an Australian cricket ground was called a "Pom" without the addition of a hurtful, racist, offensive or humiliating epithet is lost in the mists of time. Asked whether a fan who used the word "Pom" in concert with anything hurtful etc would be evicted from the ground, a Cricket Australia spokesman, described the scenario as "hypothetical". :}

The board's stance is based on a ruling by the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commissioner in a 1997 case, Bryant v Queensland Newspapers. It said that "calling someone a Pom" by itself was not racial harassment, unless "said in such a way, or in combination with other acts or comments, that make it so".

The first Test begins at Brisbane on Nov 23, when phrases such as "filthy Poms" are definitely out, although the position of "whinging" is unclear........

So I want all you lot to be nice and respectful when your visitors arrive. := :=

Ace Rimmer
27th Sep 2006, 07:34
Since our Ozmate mates are not allowed to add [email protected] to the word Pommie...in their greetings....Does that mean we aren't allowed to call them Strine [email protected]?

I dunno the world has lost it's sense of humour....:rolleyes:

27th Sep 2006, 07:41
Pommie P**F !


Capt. Queeg
27th Sep 2006, 07:42
Not sure how abusing a pommy [email protected] can be called racist since we're all the same race....

The same race... seems hard to believe when you see how much slimmer, toned and better looking your average aussie beauty is down at the beach! Bondi being full of poms, the comparison is easy ;)

27th Sep 2006, 07:45
Its the ones that go "Baa Baa" that are thick on the ground at Bondi:}

27th Sep 2006, 07:58
"Don't be horrid to Poms, Aussies told"

Why the hell not? :E

27th Sep 2006, 08:06
"Don't be horrid to Poms, Aussies told"

What possible other use would we have for them? :confused:

Methinks ORAC has posted this in a vain effort to shore up his support for Mark Latham's inane posturings.

Pinky the pilot
27th Sep 2006, 11:30
A Pommy mate (Yes, I do have one here!:ooh: :O :} :E ) once said to me after a bit of good natured chiacking....
"Listen Mate, a Pommy I may be, but a Bar Steward I am not!!"

27th Sep 2006, 12:53
Ockers are perfectly entitled to call us Poms. We're family!

27th Sep 2006, 13:16
I rather like the apocryphal story of when one D. Jardine went to the Australian dressing room during one of the 1932 tests to complain to the Australian captain that one of the Australian slips fielders had questioned Mr Jardine's legitimacy.

Story runs that Woodfull turned to his boys and asked, "OK, which one of you b:mad: ds called this b:mad: d a b:mad: d?"

In any case, as "you old b:mad: d" is actually a term of friendly endearment in Australia, no-one can possibly be brought to book by saying "Pommy b:mad: d" as their defence would be that they were being friendly to their visitors. And the judge would have to agree!

Actually just found this from the Torygraph in March:

Bring it on!!!

The insult used by Harry the Hatchet's henchman when referring to the two Liverpudlian thieves he's hired in 'Lock, Stock etc.' might elicit a different outcome...


27th Sep 2006, 13:26
A very old Oz joke goes along these lines:

Only a few months after the birth of their first son and heir, Bruce and Sheila were eagerly waiting for him to utter his first word.
Bruce arrived home from work to find Sheila overcome with excitement. "Broooooce... Today Bruce Junior said his first half word!"
"His first half word, Sheila?"
"Yair, he said 'Pommy'."

27th Sep 2006, 13:31
"Don't be horrid to Poms, Aussies told"



Anyone using such a word in Australia would either immediately be marking themselves out as a Pom and given the benefit of the doubt, or given a good smacking for being a stuck-up [email protected]

So we won't be 'horrid' to them. Just complete c:mad: ts, as they were to us in '05!!