View Full Version : Great Statesmen (or Chicks) of this Century

Sir George Cayley
26th Sep 2006, 19:51
Leaving aside Nelson and Tony :eek: can you quickly come up with any other name?

I'm struggling.

Going back to the previous century names pour forth; so is it time that produces them? Will the name of Thatcher (Maggie not Mark of Africa) stand besides Churchill in the 20th C?

But what of today? Yes our own Beagle is up there near the top only surpassed by Lord Danny. But please, someone give me a name. Any name.
Just has to be a teensey weensey bit great - and emerged this millenium.


Sir George Cayley

26th Sep 2006, 19:58
I think that history will have the final say about her greatness, but off the top of my head I think Andrea Merkle, the current Chancellor of Germany, is a hugely important figure. She was born in East Germany during the domination of the five eastern states by the ideological imperatives of the former Soviet Union. She is the first democratically elected leader of the now-unified Germany to have been born there during that period. History may judge her great or not-great, but for sheer symbolism her story is hard to beat.

26th Sep 2006, 20:22
... and just for something to throw in the bin, I believe she has a PhD.

26th Sep 2006, 20:23
Humm, you're only giving us 5 and half years to work with here.

However, Colin Powell does come to mind. As a Great Statesman even though he never achieved the Presidency of the country,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yet.

(I'd still vote for him.)

Then again there is Connie Rice, however it may bee too early to make a call on her performance. I do stand in awe in what she as accomplished considering her background.

air pig
26th Sep 2006, 20:27
Mikail Gorbachov, he started tearing down the Iron Curtain.

26th Sep 2006, 20:30
I agree air pig, however, as I understand the time period it is only this century starting in year 2000.

Am I wrong? (usually are :( )

air pig
26th Sep 2006, 20:54
True Con Pilot. These days the vast majority are political pygmies compared to some of the last centuary.

27th Sep 2006, 01:28
thought lord nelson was in a previous century?

tony draper
27th Sep 2006, 02:03
That Merkle woman is a dammed socialist int she!! good grief what are you chaps thinking of.:rolleyes:
Golda Meyer of course.

27th Sep 2006, 02:18
Dr draper! No! No! No! You do her an injustice. Not more than all Europeans are demmed socialists.

Mind you, you may find the reality even worse: Christian Democratic Union. Not as far right as the late Herr Strauss, but not so far left as many.

tony draper
27th Sep 2006, 02:24
Mark my words, it will all end in tears,she will want to give all women the vote or something equaly outragious.

27th Sep 2006, 09:01
I agree air pig, however, as I understand the time period it is only this century starting in year 2000.
Am I wrong? (usually are :( )

Yes, because this century began in year 2001

green granite
27th Sep 2006, 09:08
Oh no it didn't :hmm::E

27th Sep 2006, 09:10
How old are you when you are born?

27th Sep 2006, 09:14
Oh no it didn't
So what year did the first century begin?

27th Sep 2006, 09:59
If readers could put aside emotions for a moment, (I'm sure some won't be able to), if you're looking for someone who has made an enormous impact in the very short time he's been on the world centre stage, you'd have to put Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into serious contention as the first statesman of the noughties.

You don't have to agree with a politician's stance to accept that he's made a considerable impact, but I suspect he would have gained a considerable following in the 3rd World after his recent UN speech, (which was upstaged somewhat by Mr Chavez’ sulphurous effort a day or two later).

I'm just hoping my use of the word 'impact' isn't a little prescient if one looks forward to the time when (not if, IMHO) Mr Ahmadinejad announces that he was fibbing back in 2006 when he said they weren’t developing nuclear weapons.

27th Sep 2006, 10:03
So what year did the first century begin?
Never mind the first century - when did the UNIVERSE begin?
Time is relative, if irrelevant . . .

27th Sep 2006, 10:08
Probably flame bait, this, but the UK politicos I hear on the Today programme who don't have me reaching for the off-switch are Milliband, Letwin and ... Hague Mk2 (miles better than Mk1).

Or is Letwin a has-been already? I was surprised he didn't figure in the Tory leadership contest.

I'm not a UK voter so I can afford to be superficial.

27th Sep 2006, 11:30
Modern time began with what we now call 1AD. There wasn't a 0AD.
(OK, the numbering system is off by a few years because Dionysius Exiguus got his numbers a bit wrong, but 1AD is the start date.)

Now, if you want to say the first century was from 1AD to 99AD (99 years), and the second from 100AD to 199AD (100 years) - that's up to you.
It appears many people do.

Anyway, statemen and women of this century - I've not seen any yet.
Angela Merkel might make it; Condoleeza Rice might just make it.

Names that will go down in infamy - plenty of those.

27th Sep 2006, 12:26
Is that Statesman Letwin who disappeared during the last but one election having promised enormous tax cuts?? If ever there were a greater need for bedwetting medicine, I've not seen it.

Shower of self serving fnackers the lot of 'em.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Sir George Cayley
27th Sep 2006, 18:18
Thanx peeps.

I think you've answered my question

Amazingly Lady Cayley suggested the German Frau too.

Sir George Cayley

ps See Clit-one on the Labour Party Stage today. sad to say he out shone the lot of em.

air pig
27th Sep 2006, 18:57
If we are only six years into the present centuary, who is to say the best is not yet to come. there again we are talking in some cases about politicians. Self serving f88kers. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

27th Sep 2006, 19:31
Bah. This is an easy one.........

Steve Irwin. No contest.

Buster Hyman
28th Sep 2006, 00:18
This one isn't too bad...for a Holden


28th Sep 2006, 00:26
Ooooooohhhhhh, me likey likey!!!!

You reckon they could put a lift kit on it for a little more clearance? Gonna start snowing here real soon.

Buster Hyman
28th Sep 2006, 03:33
It's no good in the snow...if you get my drift!

(Nyuk, nyuk!)

28th Sep 2006, 13:21
Much too early to say if Angela Merkel, or as they say in Germany, Mädchen Kohl, is a real states(wo)man. The first politcal clouds already appear in her clear blue skies (as she seems to notice on below pic).


PS Not a fan of Maggie, but she was one of the right stuff.

PPS That Holden looks more like a VW Passat, not worth the name Holden...