View Full Version : Hank Williams - All for the Love of Sunshine

25th Sep 2006, 19:06
Hi chaps and chapesses,

Any ideas where I can get Hank Williams - All for the love of sunshine from?

Tried Itunes with no luck :(


25th Sep 2006, 22:22
Are you a 'Kelly Heroes' fan by any chance...??
Never heard that song since without seeing Donald Sutherland as Oddball in a Sherman...!!

Romeo Charlie
25th Sep 2006, 22:28
When we go into battle we like to play music REAL LOUD - it kinda calms us down!

Carnage Matey!
25th Sep 2006, 22:36
You'll find it on Limewire. Thats where I got it from.:}

25th Sep 2006, 22:38
Carnage - any chance of emailing it over?

and yes, brilliant song from Kellys Heroes - I've got the other good one!


25th Sep 2006, 22:58
Carnage, I PM-ed "360 download" and "frostwire" to jinkster, but you are obviously braver than me and don't care that Big Bruv is watching, I would never publicly admit these things. Oh, wait, hang on a minute...DOH!