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24th Sep 2006, 21:40

just soooooooo funeeeeeeeeeee.

25th Sep 2006, 03:29

Now all we need are a thousand-etiquette challenged copy-cats, posting their own cute little pantomime. I can think of several other in-flight antics this guy could pull on the flight, to both entertain himself and to post on-line his desperate need for attention, but I wouldn't dare to presume, and, after all, he may have had a lonely childhood. Here are a list of things that I'm sure he has never tried and please feel free to add to this list:

Say please and thank-you, and, if you are really daring, say no thank-you;

Offer the staff just a hint of eye-contact if you find the Ney York Times or the latest best-seller absolutely riveting and can't put it down for a second. Not only will you recieve better service, but you will establish a thing called "trust", something people seek in others;

Thank the flight-crew for getting you there...period; and the next time you feel like treating someone like a taxi-driver, just ask a Ney York taxi driver if you can make fun of the way he drives. Don't forget to ask him what it will cost you to get from New York to Los Angeles;

Write a thank-you note to the crew, once in a lifetime, and leave it with the purser or at the gate;

Say "excuse me" to your fellow passenger when practicing Yoga and invading their space;

Keep your brillant knowledge about flying to yourself, and don't bore your fellow passengers with fascinating and unsolicited tidbits of things you've read or heard and with which you have no clue how to place into context;

Ask (yes...ASK!) for something from the staff, rather than demanding it;

Keep in mind that in first-class, they serve water for FREE! So, when your big day comes to upgrade to first-class and you feel you may need a bottle of water, and another...and another.... Maybe you should just say you are very very thirsty;

If you can't resist putting your feet on the walls, maybe seek some therapy concerning your phobia of confined spaces;

If you can't keep your cam-corder off during airline announcements, maybe you should bring along a full camera crew and hand out flyers to the poor passengers who have absolutely nothing better to do than to watch a a grown-up brat make an ass of oneself;

Try offering your precious real-estate to someone for once...you know, that priceless gem way out there in paradise that they call the ARM-REST;

Offer you trash to the staff when they come around for the fourth time, even if it interupts your oscar winning documentary about the way the things on the wings go up and down and the engine makes all sorts of neat noises (not to mention your wonderful commentary);

Offer a smile to the staff as you leave the plane, even if it means you lose all the dignity that goes along with being rude and disrespectful;

Realise that although the crew are probaly as imaginative as you (that they may also think this could be great fun), but that the family members who have survived the loss of a friend or family member may not think that vaudille belongs in the isle of an airliner;

Try navigating your way to and from the lavatory knowing that the bevarage cart actually moves up and down the isle in two dimensions. This requires abstract thought, but it can be developed with time and effort;

Think of the passengers around you as temporary friends, albeit sometimes not as brillant nor as funny. This way, when the fun and games are over, maybe you will allow the passengers ahead of you to head for the door first. Makes more sense doesn't it?

Of course, you could even combine some of these ideas, such as saying "please" and then "thank-you", but beginners in etiquette may want to take baby-steps.

I can think of many more ways to be a thoughtful passenger, and make the skies friendlier for all of us, but maybe it's not cool to be polite?

Flying can be stressful for some people and this wondeful video is proof. Therapy exists, but sometimes just taking a deep breath can help. Anyone care to add to this list some things that a reasonably intellignet passenger could to do make flying more pleasant for all of us? Please don't make the suggestions complicated, we are talking about very very simple things, such that you would tell a four year old (if it were even necessary).

25th Sep 2006, 13:52
Lordy JJTJ....

who pissed in your pot plant today? :uhoh:

25th Sep 2006, 14:48
He's a funny fecker all right :} , could be the next Mr. Bean... Only hope his antics are persuant to having flown enough flights to have the evac drill down pat, and that he dosen't become his own greatest pantomime in the event of a real emergency :D