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24th Sep 2006, 19:28
Any folks savy on helping me diagnose a dodgy front suspension unit on a mountain bike?

24th Sep 2006, 19:37
Shoot. What's the problem/symptoms?

Howard Hughes
24th Sep 2006, 19:48
Take it to your local bike shop, it costs almost nothing to have your bike serviced regularly. You only need to take it in once a year, unless you use it for what mountain bikes are designed for, then more often is preferable.
Cheers, HH.:ok:

24th Sep 2006, 19:51
DIL bought a new bike (of the off-road persuasion) a couple of weeks ago. Last week the derailleur gears seized vaulting her into the road. She's now negotiating with H*lf*rds to have it repaired or replaced, claiming faulty assembly (by them).
I blame her. She's French.

25th Sep 2006, 04:09
A lot of derailleurs are Italian. They often get on well with the French.

25th Sep 2006, 04:51
But deraillier gears are a french idea anyway, hence the name

25th Sep 2006, 05:47
the derailleur gears seized vaulting her into the road.
Do you mean the freewheel seized? (The cluster of sprockets on the rear wheel.)
I've seen this happen twice, once when someone somehow got a piece of string inside the mechanism, and once on a new bike. For the new bike, we complained to the place we bought the bike from and had it fixed for free.

The piece of string was a bizarre fluke and unlikely to occur in a new bike.

The clicking noise you hear when coasting on a freewheel bike is from the spring-loaded pawls sliding over ratchets. If something breaks and the ratchet mechanism doesn't work, you have a fixed gear, and the pedals WILL turn as long as the wheel done. This can toss you off the bike.

When the free wheel seizes up, you have a fixed gear (think unicycle or circus bike if you don't know what that means), and it can easily catch you by surprise if you don't expect it. The springs in the derailleur just delay the surprise for a fleeting moment.

25th Sep 2006, 05:48
My mate Lorenzo was once head butted by a derailleur.:8

jon s gull
25th Sep 2006, 06:52
The problem with the steering could be a loose nut on the handlebars.

I have noticed that the nut connecting the handlebars to the bike often gets loose after repeated high speed bumps [especially if it already had a screw loose]. Sometimes it comes off the seat altogether and can become completely separated from the bike, resulting in head damage. The only permanent fix for this problem is to give up riding before it kills you.

Alternatively have the lobotomy now under anaesthetic.

Dont tell um pike
25th Sep 2006, 08:16
What are the symptoms ??

25th Sep 2006, 08:41

i'm going to take some pics later and describe it then!!

its a tough one to describe in words..

thanks for the replies so far!!

25th Sep 2006, 11:35
Try the Park Tool Co web - they have good maintenance & repair pages


25th Sep 2006, 14:09
What sort of bike/forks is it?

You could try asking on http://www.singletrackworld.com if it's a fairly high-end bike, but be warned, think Jetblast with pedals.:}