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24th Sep 2006, 04:43
Russian officials infuriate most drivers by zooming around the country in expensive cars with special number plates and flashing blue lights, known as a migalki, on their roofs.

Putin's decree, which takes effect from its publication, cuts the number of cars with migalki and special horns to 1,000 from 7,500

24th Sep 2006, 04:57
CPTN have you tried smoking marryjooanna to fix the insomnia problem?

Just wondering.:uhoh:

24th Sep 2006, 05:05
No, I admit that I haven't. It's illegal here, even for medicinal purposes. :{
Another complication is that my major op was for removal of (part of) a lung. I've never smoked (well used to puff the odd cigar).
Have watched two relatives die from smoking-related cancer (and one from non-smoking-related cancer). It's not a pleasant way to go.

Sailor Vee
24th Sep 2006, 08:25
I think tinpis was referring to thisto 1,000 from 7,500duh, but that's an increase and not a cut!

24th Sep 2006, 10:17
duh, but that's an increase and not a cut!:confused:
Cuts the number to 1000 from 7500

Sailor Vee
24th Sep 2006, 10:26
OK, ya gotme!

Capn Notarious
24th Sep 2006, 10:33
Scuse I for asking, Sailor Vee.
But do you actually practice Autorotations in a Sea King, or is the asset to valuable and is the learning done, in a lurching cave of terror simulator?

Sailor Vee
24th Sep 2006, 10:41
We have to do one visual and one simulated IFR on the aircraft once a year to maintain legal currency, we do stacks in the lurching cave of terror, cos it don't matter if it crashes!!:ok: (Deffo thread drift there!)