View Full Version : Why Conspiracists and Religious people need each other

Two's in
22nd Sep 2006, 23:46
Religious People Ė Any event that canít be explained is put down to God, ergo it is explained. Life is no longer random, and hence no longer scary.

Conspiracists - Any event that can be explained is put down to the Government, therefore it not explained. Life is now random, and hence very scary.

It was there all the time...

23rd Sep 2006, 00:24
wot about religious conspiracists?

23rd Sep 2006, 00:39
wot about religious conspiracists?


23rd Sep 2006, 01:00
wot about religious conspiracists?

Double whammy, Mr. Aa....argh. Can't prove either but believe in both.

23rd Sep 2006, 05:52
Mormons? I think your finger slipped and put in an extra letter.....

tony draper
23rd Sep 2006, 07:49
Be carefull what you say about the Mormons, they know where we all live.:eek:

Two's in
23rd Sep 2006, 14:32
Look what happened to the Osmonds...

23rd Sep 2006, 14:52
Mormons don't just know where you live, they know who your great-grandparents were and are busy converting them even as these words hit the page!

On the other hand, even though there are some strange aspects to their doctrines, lots of Mormons seem to live useful and happy lives, so that I have no plans to pick on them.

Knowing, as they do, where you live, they make wonderful taxi drivers.

I save all my cheap abuse for the Scientologists after one accosted me in a 7-11 parking lot and attempted to take me for a fool who could be sold a copy of 'Dianetics' just like that! Hurt my feelings, he did!

23rd Sep 2006, 15:04
...and what about the moosleems who think that if somebody is conspiring against them, or even thinking about conspiring against them, or knows someone who might be thinking about conspiring against them, or quotes somebody from long, long, long ago who was thinking about conspiring against them - just bomb the shit out of them. They think that the problem then goes away.

Life ought to be very scary for the radical moosleems - remember the story about the worm that turned??