View Full Version : Beware contact from CEI-CBA

Arctic Tern
22nd Sep 2006, 12:16
To all aviation training consultants and engineering companies.

Some months ago I naively responded to a carefully targetted email from the Centre of Euro Integration of the Civil Bulgarian Aviation (CEI CBA). They were looking for some assistance from my company with aligning Bulgarian regulations with EASA and JAR publications in preparation for acceptance into the EU and eventually EASA. I met with a representative in London and was convinced that the story was genuine. Some months later I was contacted by the 'Authorities' and asked whether I was expecting to meet a contact from Bulgaria who had applied to enter the UK. Of course I was both surprised and a little worried.
No money or goods have been exchanged, and since my denial regarding the ficticious meeting, there has been no contact. I am now convinced this was a scam.
For a variety of reasons I am unable to pass more details. I will leave the moderators to decide whether this post stays here.