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21st Sep 2006, 23:04
this was my first motorbike. bsa bantam d1 c1950 model. 125cc and about 4hp! same bike as the gpo red bikes, used for telegram deliveries.

i paid 15 quid for it. used to break down every other journey.

please add your first bike/s.


21st Sep 2006, 23:07
I used to go to school with a girl we all called Bike.............

21st Sep 2006, 23:14
Embarassingly, one of these! Norton Villiers Triumph Easy Rider.


Next proper bike was a Kawasaki KC100 (can't find a photo) and then, when I passed my test, one of these, a Yamaha RD200


And now ....


Triumph Bonneville T100! 'Cept mine's orange!



22nd Sep 2006, 00:58
I used to go to school with a girl we all called Bike.............

I hope you wore a helmet :}

22nd Sep 2006, 02:03
A Fanny Barnett as a starter (or non-starter actually), followed very shorty after by a Tiger Cub 200 ... actually liked my Lambretta LD150 the best ... would be worth a fortune nowadays .....

I think I may have gone to the same school as Jerricho .....

henry crun
22nd Sep 2006, 02:56
First one was a Corgi, ideal for very short journeys, and could be folded away to put in the boot of a car.


Next was an Ambassador with the reliable 197 Villiers. It carried me round the continent a couple a times, but after an unpleasant accident I decided that four wheels was safer.


22nd Sep 2006, 03:17
Corgi was a great fun bike. Still got it?

Loose rivets
22nd Sep 2006, 03:24
EDIT Oh dear...One has just noticed 'my FIRST motor-bike.' Oh well, us oldies are allowed to ramble.

As one who finds oneself nearing at what the FSL would call the ‘end time', one is surrounded with memories and a few pictures.

The Bantam was a good starter machine. Note the leg-shields...my mate buzzed round a corner and scraped one on the curb. It made such a noise that a woman feinted.

I was fourteen when I rode my mum's pop pop on the road. I was seen by a school master, and as mentioned in another thread, was embarrassed in class, but kinda proud...with loads of street cred.

Mate on back became a Boeing captian for most of his 50 yeas.


Note that kids in post-war Britain had waists in the same place as their granddad's.




Suzuki gave me this cos the tother one was @$^@$^.... oh, and they liked me.


My mate in the UK has a Fireblade and one is seriously tempted to follow suite...and him ;-)

Just one last fling.

22nd Sep 2006, 04:39

That's me & my first bike, a Honda VTR-1000 Firestorm. I've ridden heaps of other bikes, but that's my first legal one since I got my licence.

It's not all that fast compared to the big HP bikes, but it's still a lot of fun and sounds great.

22nd Sep 2006, 05:05
That's a lot of bike for a new license! Nice to see you well outfitted for riding (falling).

My ride now is a Road King (eighth bike), but I started out on a 1972 Honda CB100. $300 in 1973 with less than 1,000 miles on it. My only wheels in college.

Loose rivets
22nd Sep 2006, 05:31
Nice to see you well outfitted for riding (falling).

Yes, but you're supposed to wear the helmet on your head.:}

22nd Sep 2006, 05:43
Depends what you value most, I suppose . . .

22nd Sep 2006, 06:32
1954 BSA Goldflash clutch slipped pissed oil all over Mums concrete, lights went out on dark nights but I survived


22nd Sep 2006, 07:43

My first bike was the Enfield Clipper which was so well balanced you could throw it round corners even on icy roads.

I replaced it with the last AJS ever made and I had built up so many bad habits on the Clipper I kept falling off. The AJS was a complete load of rubbish and it is not surprising that the British motorcycle industry all but died with it.

tony draper
22nd Sep 2006, 08:34
Always fancied the Triumph Tiger Cub,it sounded much better than the Bantam,never got one though.
This is nephews mid life crisis Banana Bike.


Mr Lexx
22nd Sep 2006, 09:20
Lexxity will not let me get a motorbike, probably for the best though!

22nd Sep 2006, 09:29
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/689124/BSA.gifA BSA C15 SS80, but without the blonde.

Mine was exactly like this one (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/18545348/in/set-469447/), but the "Flicker" site won't let you 'borrow' the pictures.

Seized up on me one day after breaking a piston ring, a piece of which lodged in the oil pump. Took me six months to repair the engine, but I learned a lot about fixing engines from doing that.

22nd Sep 2006, 10:01
some great piccys on here. esp the clipper and the gold flash.
i also had a bsa c15, and my uncle had a triumph cub. had a franny barnet for about 2 weeks. couldnt wait to sell it, what a load of shyte that was!

remember the first one in our gang who bought a jap bike. honda 250 dream, we all took the pizz. within a short time the british bike industry was dead.

i bought a yamaha 250 twin. so reliable compared to the stuff i was used too.

last bike (before marriage!) was a moto guzzi le mans. i loved it.
(but the electrics were absolute rubbish).

come the lottery win, a honda fireblade is the first buy.

22nd Sep 2006, 10:02
My first bike was the Enfield Clipper which was so well balanced you could throw it round corners even on icy roads.
I replaced it with the last AJS ever made and I had built up so many bad habits on the Clipper I kept falling off. The AJS was a complete load of rubbish and it is not surprising that the British motorcycle industry all but died with it.

But AJS are still making bikes - at least Fluff Brown will build you a Stormer!

I learned to ride on a grass track racing bike, a modified Bantam, but the first bike I put on the road was a Phillips Gadabout Mk2, no less (don't ask, the pesky government changed the law so my BSA C15 Star 250 had to stay in the garage another year until I was 17).

So I spent the time totally rebuilding the Beesa. Finished up by fitting a grass track spec engine, built by Roy Pidcock, our local grass track champion. It was a methanol spec motor, 12.5 to 1, with a Triumph Trident piston running on 5 star petrol. That little bike saw off many a 500 and could hold it's own with many 650s too!

Then a 500cc BSA A7SS - blew its bottom end out through the crankcase on the M1 in 1977. ("They all tend to do that, mate"...yeh, I know).

Various others. Now a Honda 750 and er.. 4 more in the garage, 3 of them old 2 stroke off-roaders.

Oh no, sorry - make that 5 more , I forgot one. :O

I'm often in trouble about the lack of garage space.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
22nd Sep 2006, 10:08
Had a Triumph Tigress 250cc scooter as a lad. It was very unreliable, and kept overheating, so I took to riding it with the side panels removed. Soon as I could afford it, I bought a car. Then after nearly 30 years of flying, my flying mates persuaded me to get a bike.

Did DAS direct entry in my early 50s, and bought a Honda VFR. Didn't like it much - notchy FI, all the power high up the rev range, and a bit bland. Swaped that for a Blackbird(!). That was much better - smooth (it had carburettors), wide power band, and very powerful. But a potential licence loser. And it was bland and characterless.

Then I bought the bike I'd really fancied all along (after taking some test rides)...


BMW R1150GS. Ridden it to the sahara and back, and just returned from nearly 3,000 miles round France, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany mostly in the Alps and Dolomites. Comfortable, high and upright riding position (so you can see the scenery, traffic, and overtakes), lots of 'presence', loads of character, and fast enough. If I could justify £12K+ on a new bike I'd have an R1200GS Adventure, but until then the big GS will do me fine.

22nd Sep 2006, 10:18

Your grasstrack experience has reminded me of another bike I shared with a friend, a 250cc ohv BSA of about 1938 vintage. My friend (Marcus Edwards who eventually went on to lead the Rothmans Aerobatic team) had ready access to chemicals as his father was a vet. We used to run it on a mixture of benzene and methanol and, every Sunday morning, we used to race other friends around a field. The opposition ranged from a WW11 ex WD Norton, a 1938 Matchless 350 and a Grieves Motocross Special. As a leveller, all brakes had to be disconnected which led to great fun if you missed a gear change. Running on our own fuel we could give the Grieves a run for his money up to about 30 mph and not a crash helmet to be seen anywhere.

22nd Sep 2006, 10:50
my friend bill and i, built a norton framed/bsa 500 single (norbsa). with the right gearing it would do 70 mph in first!
it was a lethal machine. and i never could kick start it. had to find a hill and bump it.
built various tritons tribsas etc.. always liked the cafe racer look.

norton domi, gold star, bonneville, vincent, venom. great names from the past eh?

22nd Sep 2006, 16:04
First one was a 1970 Honda CB125 twin - revved to about 11,500 red line and did about 75 mph indicated flat out (me lying flat with legs around rear light).

Second at age 17 1/2, was an AJS M31(L?) 650cc twin - blew the crankshaft and rebuilt using red Hermatite (?) - leaked about a pint of oil every 100 miles!

Third, a Yamaha RD350B 2-stroke twin, reliable apart from wheel spokes loosening off repeatedly.

A gap, then a Triumph T150 Trident with lovely fishtail exhausts .. the sound ....

Another gap, and now teutonic reliable BMW 850R for dry day uses only!

22nd Sep 2006, 16:32
Oh dear how embarassing but,
"I'll have a quarter lb of rasberry ruffles,
a pack of AA batteries
and this Tomos moped please."
Thats the wonder of woolworths:p

Actually, it wasn't that one but it was the closest to it that I could find. It used to stop running every time it rained!!!

22nd Sep 2006, 17:49
First bike was a Kawasaki Z200 (http://www.motorbike-search-engine.co.uk/classic_bikes/1980%20kawasaki%20z200.jpg)

Then I didn't ride for many years.
Second bike was a Yamaha SRX 250 (http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/420563/)

Third and so far final bike. Junior (http://www.mccannhj.flyer.co.uk/junior.htm) A very rare Ducati 400ss.

A possible garage mate is a Ducati ST3 (http://www.ducati.com/bikes/my2006/ducatiModel.jhtml?family=sporttouring&modelName=ST3-06)

22nd Sep 2006, 17:53
Didn't Desmond Decker's drummer design the engines for Ducati? :}

22nd Sep 2006, 19:52
Oh dear how embarassing but,
"I'll have a quarter lb of rasberry ruffles,
a pack of AA batteries
and this Tomos moped please."
Thats the wonder of woolworths:p
Actually, it wasn't that one but it was the closest to it that I could find. It used to stop running every time it rained!!!

Good grief! I'd forgotten about those - we bought one from the Gutersloh NAAFI whilst based in Germany in the early 80s.

A lime green one. It was legally only allowed to do a certain low speed (50 km/hr?). It used to seize up - a lot! I think it was caused by a bad barrel casting which distorted when it got hot.

So I stripped it down, carefully filed the high spots off the piston and did a "porting job" on it while I had the chance. It went like the proverbial off the shovel after that.... and it would pull wheelies.

Can't remember what happened to it when we left Germany - probably swapped it for more rasberry sweets and AA batteries, LOL!

Loose rivets
22nd Sep 2006, 20:20
What I hadn't realized is that Matchless made a 4 pot bike. Never seen one to this day.


To be more loyal to the thread mandate, here is my first street-leagal bike. At six in the morning of October 1955, I was off down the road. How I survived is a mystery.

David and his sister Jenifer were from Chelmsford and used to have the beach hut next to ours. I would love to know where they are now.


22nd Sep 2006, 21:05
RD350LC, not my first, can't honestly remember what that was, possibly a TS100 or a GP100 but this was the kiddie. It was FLo-Orange all over including the wheels, it was brilliant when it hit the power-band. Swapped it for a 750-four, that was maddness so I got rid of that and got a GT250.

Have had loads back in the eighties, stopped riding around '88 and bought a Kawasaki KLE500 just to find my feet again back in January.

Looking to buy a used Ducati Multistrada (http://www.ducati.com/bikes/my2006/ducatiModel.jhtml?family=multistrada&modelName=MTS620-06) at the moment now I have got the hang of riding again!

RD350LC :ok:


jon s gull
22nd Sep 2006, 21:41
First was a Honda CB250T mid 70's model.
http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/9282/hondacb250tyf5.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
a surprisingly agile bike able to beat Volvos from a standing start at the lights
followed by another of the same then a Kawasaki GPZ550 1982 and after moving bush and having a family a yamaha XT250 1982.
whilst I still owned the yammy I was picked up by an Italian lady while at a conference on the sunshine coast and we have been together ever since.

22nd Sep 2006, 21:47

This bike ate my finger! :sad:
- carried on riding through another two bikes (CB250RS & SR500) for a further ten years though! :ok:

22nd Sep 2006, 22:05
NOT me (and not my Grandfather) but he DID have at least one Indian (probably a tribe if the truth was known as he was a dealer in two-wheeled machines of both human and internal combustion power. There exists a wonderful photograph of my (infant) Mother sitting in a basketware sidecar whilst Grandfather posed on the saddle with his hat turned back-to-front. VERY early 1920s, maybe even 1919 (he'd return from War Service at the cessation of hostilities).

22nd Sep 2006, 22:37
NSU Supermax - 20 hp from a 251 cc single cylinder OHC engine on a tough chassis that together weighed over 300 pounds w/o occupants. Quietest muffler ever made for a bike, and steady as a rock. One could go 50 mph over open fields or 75mph over paved road with a full-size sweetie safe on the bench seat, plus 50-75 pounds of kit on the back shelf.


When it idled, the whole bike would hop up and down a bit as that large piston slowly orbited. The electrics were a weak point on mine.. something in the ignition coil area would overheat occasionally & open up, then revive after 30 mins ritual fiddling at the side of the road. I once tried to fix that, pulled the engine apart entirely with little experience and no real tools except the kit that came with it. Accomplished little of importance, but learned something in the process (about being out of one's depth). Was so grateful and eager to have it alive again that I took it for a ride without muffler around the core of old Florence the night it came back together. With an 18-inch open stub on the exhaust port of that one cylinder, the exhaust reverberated like cannon-fire in the narrow streets. Even the muni-busses, my arch enemy on the roads because they tended to close up on either side of a motorcycle in the traffic circles until no lane was left for it, gave right of way for that brief and noisy bit of folly.

22nd Sep 2006, 22:57
What I hadn't realized is that Matchless made a 4 pot bike. Never seen one to this day.
Weren't Ariel, AJ Mess and Matchless under the same group? Maybe not at first, but later? Didn't Ariel have their square four?

22nd Sep 2006, 23:36
We called 'em Squarials. Impressive engine but, according to Big Ed - an aged (thirty something) gas fitter down our street - who had one, it was a bugger to get round corners with it.

Loose rivets
22nd Sep 2006, 23:42
Yes the Squarial had an early start in the form of a 600cc with hand change gears. My mate had one and I liked the torque but the top end was not there.

It looks like the Matchless was in V config...or not looks, but reads thusly.

Edit, yes one can just see in the yellow box something about V-ness. ;-)

23rd Sep 2006, 10:25
It used to seize up - a lot! I think it was caused by a bad barrel casting which distorted when it got hot.

Mine spent three years in a damp cellar in WYorks. After moving to Aberdeen I decided to have a go at getting it running. The piston was completely stuck. So with all the technical skill and experience I was able to muster, I took the plug out shoved a screwdriver down into the cylinder and hit the thing with hammer until the cylinder moved. Then (being one of lifes optimists:) ), I put some petrol and oil in the tank, put the plug back in gave it a couple of kicks and bu&&er me if it didn't start and run as well as it ever had done (which was not very well to be honest but...)!

Lon More
23rd Sep 2006, 10:50
Used to be a racing class for BSA Bantams, great fun.
IIRC the frame had to remain standard and the rest was free. The original bike could often be bought from the GPO for a tenner and if you had access to a reasonable tool kit to make the bits the rest was pretty cheap. Thank god for the school metalworkshop.A couple of the biggest tricks were to convert it to water cooling and change to an Alf Francis injection system.
Mate of mine had two, a racer and his daily ride - both with the same number plate, and tested the racer at night through the middle of Luton - up Wellington Street, back down to the Co-op, round the back to Waller Street, a quick dash home along Park Street. As part of this run took him past the old police station he managed to wake up all the sleeping policemen and a Keystone Cops scenario ensued. They got his number, but by the time they got to his house and dragged him out of bed the offending bike was stashed at the bottom of the garden and the only thing to be found was a bog standard ex-GPO Bantam, stone cold, in the garage:O Happy days,
Wish I still had my old Triton.
Just sold my last bike. 1970 Paughco framed hardtail chop,1340cc shovel engine with twin plug heads. Went like the proverbial off a shovel. Unfortunately advancing years ment it wasn't being used as well as it deserved so it's off now to a good home

23rd Sep 2006, 13:23
A Yamaha 125 (I think, it was a while back). I didn't need breaks, I just drove into barbed wire fences.
I'm not allowed to even think about buying one now by the thought police, my darling beloved.

23rd Sep 2006, 20:57
First a Whizzer, then a James 98, Now I have a Harley and around 7 Nortons. There were about 50 others between first and last.
After an excellent landing you can use the airplane again!

24th Sep 2006, 05:02

1971 Honda SL100. Bought it for $100 in 1980. Rode it to school (I was 14).

Since then:

1973 RD350
1972 CB350
1972 CB750 (still got it!)
1980 Yamaha Enduro 250
1987 Honda Interceptor 700
1980 XS11
1992 Honda Davidson Shadow 1100 (got that one too....)

24th Sep 2006, 08:54
First was a D14/4 BSA Bantam followed by a Royal Enfield Continental GT.
This was at the time when younger bro was zooming around on Yamaha XS750.
I got many an admiring look from some and much scorn from others but I wished I still had them now.

24th Sep 2006, 09:46

TypeLiquid Cooled V-8
Horsepower502 @ 5200 rpm
Torque567 Ft.Lbs @ 4200 rpm
BlockCast Iron - 4 bolt main
CylindersAluminum (110cc)
Valvetrain2.25"Int. / 1.88"Exh
Size502 c.i. (8200cc)
CarburetorHolly 850 cfm
Exhaust2.5" with dual mufflers
Transmission2-speed semi-auto w/rev.
Final DriveBelt, Gates- Polychain

How ridiculous is this? 8 point 2 liters.... :ugh:

henry crun
24th Sep 2006, 09:50
That was your first motorbike Miraculix ?

I am surprised you are still with us.

24th Sep 2006, 10:15
First was a D14/4 BSA Bantam followed by a Royal Enfield Continental GT.

RE Continental GT - I'm jealous! Always wanted one after seeing it for the first time in George Brown's showroom in Stevenage old town - opposite the old Vincent motorcycle works. At that time (early 60s), George also had his Vincent Super Nero on display - you could view it through a side window to his workshop. Happy Days!

24th Sep 2006, 10:24
He he, swapped the exhaust on the Enfield for a GoldStar straight through pipe, you could hear me coming for miles.:}
No sneaking away from the girlfriends house in the early hours on that one.

I used to dream of Vincents though, the local motor cycle shop in my home town was Freddie Friths (of Manx Norton fame) and he had the most beautiful HRD rapide in the window, got me drooling more than Sam Fox ever did.

CarltonBrowne the FO
27th Sep 2006, 23:03
My first bike is a 620 multistrada- had it almost 4 months now, and I've been commuting on it- it makes the corner where the M25 meets the M4 a lot more predictable timewise (my record in the car was about an hour for that particular 100 yards or so). It is really pleasant to drive, upright seat so (a)I can see where I am going and (b)my L4/L5 disc doesn't slip out again! It is also a very easy bike to ride- reasonably stable at motorway speeds, nippy in and out of the traffic- the wide bars give good control although I cannot get through as narrow gaps as I might on a 125. As bikes go it is fairly slow (above 80 or so Porsche 911s seem to be able to out-accelerate me). Of course, without topbox and flightbag it would probably be a bit quicker...

4th Oct 2006, 15:09
Disco's first bike in 1980, a Yamaha YZ80
Disco on his current ride,a Honda CBR1100XX SuperBlackbird, on a fairly famous track.
In between:
CB600F Hornet - want it back :(
AN250 Bergman - with top-box.....sweet :E

Ace Rimmer
4th Oct 2006, 15:45
Like Paris Dakar a Fizzy
follwed by a GT250, then a CB400/4 with dropped clip ons (wish I still had it today) then a Kwakker 750 LTD pose mobile

Kinda hanker after a VFR800 at present (and if the traffic don't get any better soon I'm gonna get one no matter what Mrs R says - feeling rebellious see)

4th Oct 2006, 19:36
My first bike is a 620 multistrada- had it almost 4 months now, and I've been commuting on it- it makes the corner where the M25 meets the M4 a lot more predictable timewise (my record in the car was about an hour for that particular 100 yards or so). It is really pleasant to drive, upright seat so (a)I can see where I am going and (b)my L4/L5 disc doesn't slip out again! It is also a very easy bike to ride- reasonably stable at motorway speeds, nippy in and out of the traffic- the wide bars give good control although I cannot get through as narrow gaps as I might on a 125. As bikes go it is fairly slow (above 80 or so Porsche 911s seem to be able to out-accelerate me). Of course, without topbox and flightbag it would probably be a bit quicker...

Very nice indeed. Are you going to keep it or upgrade to the 100/1100????

CarltonBrowne the FO
4th Oct 2006, 22:07
For the moment I'm staying with it- I've only had it 4 months. I think I'll put it in a nice secure garage for the winter, see how I get on next summer. After that, I'm thinking of maybe an ST3, maybe a Triumph Tiger (if I can get my leg over it, it looks a bit higher). If my back can stand it maybe even a Daytona 675?

31st Dec 2010, 12:56
This would make a good first bike:


Motorcycle Mojo Magazine The Uno ? It?s Unique ? but can it Pop a Wheelie? (http://www.motorcyclemojo.com/2008/05/the-uno/)

- half the wheels, so must be half as difficult to ride! ;)

31st Dec 2010, 13:16
Very first motor bike.
Royal Enfield model G, 1947, 350cc. "Girder" forks at the front,
Solid back end (None!) suspension. Ex WD, I think??
Quite a fast old bike though.
Written off when I hit a Portland Cement truck.

31st Dec 2010, 13:34
In which no doubt the truck driver was unhurt. In order to avoid becoming one of the disproportionately high accident statistics represented by motor bikers, this was mine:


Nothing against motorbikes per se, I just never saw the sense in piling on the vulnerability more than it already is on the roads. Happy new year everyone.

31st Dec 2010, 13:40
Less protection offered by that thing than by a stout leather jacket, I'd wager. ;)

31st Dec 2010, 13:44
It never went fast enough to get me into trouble (if it went at all) and it actually was that colour.:yuk:

31st Dec 2010, 13:44
That severely injures good taste, Parapunter. :yuk:


31st Dec 2010, 13:47
I was 17, it was 1987 & it cost £230 quid to buy.

It served two purposes: it taught me to pay attention on the road, via the rear end of a Vauxhall Nova and it helped me get French cars out of my system.:)

31st Dec 2010, 13:49
Because my older brother fell off so many times, I was banned from motorbikes.

However, during the time he was riding, ALL of the following Marques crossed the shed threshold.

Arial, AJS, Matchless ( bruv said they were the same thing?), Indian, James, Villiers, Triumph and BSA, CZ, NSU(?) Norton and Sunbeam.

I did get to ride a BSA Tigress scooter on private land, on condition my mum remained in the dark! I loved that old heap.

Happy days.

31st Dec 2010, 13:53
I must confess to having owned a 2CV.
But only one!!! ( He said, in mitigation.)

31st Dec 2010, 13:55
Beezer Gold Star,cost me£59-10-6,in real money wish I still had was told recently it would be worth about £8000 in good nick

31st Dec 2010, 13:56
I'd rather crash on a motorbike than in a 2CV, Storminorm.

Tinfoil can give you serious cuts when it's torn.

31st Dec 2010, 13:59
Mine caught fire!!!
Mind you, I had to pay for the petrol first.

31st Dec 2010, 14:56
My First, a Francis Barnett Cruiser 45. It didn't last long and was replaced by a Honda SS90.
My Dad insisted got a bike licence before a car licence. I can't thank him enough.

31st Dec 2010, 15:14
I'd rather crash on a motorbike than in a 2CV

I have pranged both. I was able to walk away from each incident but the 2CV was a write off as the frontal impact snapped the engine mounts. The Bonneville suffered bent forks and handlebars with a few bashes to the rest of the sticky out bits. Leathers saved me from shredded skin when I came off the bike and all I suffered in the 2CV crash was whiplash to my neck.

31st Dec 2010, 15:20
Everybody recalls their biking days with fondness coupled with a quick shiver of the spine when also recollecting a grizzly end that nearly was :uhoh:

The following list on date order for me, mostly rat bikes that just about held together!
Kawa AR50 (45mph and 200db Micron exhaust!)
Kawa AR125 (impossible to derestrict, wish I bought an RD125)
Suz GT125 (Great noise)
Suz XS250 (a terrible machine)
Hon CX500 (shaft drive levitation)
Hon CB400 Wet Dream (bought as a crate of bits)
MZ150 (Absolutely bullet proof, indestructible and maintenance free transport).
BSA Bantam (A restoration project that never happened)
Hon CB360 (A real rat bike, falling to pieces with a bin bag for a seat cover, but my favourite of all)

...30 years goes by and now...

A Honda Wave and a Honda SS50 :O

31st Dec 2010, 15:38
I went from one of these (minus totty!) the dreaded Velo Solex, which I imported from France :


via one of these


and one of these :


to one of these :


and then


sled dog
31st Dec 2010, 15:55
Matchless G3LS, followed by BSA DBD34 "Gold Star" ( my aching back, but what a lady (?) puller ), then various BMW / Honda models until self preservation mode kicked in and i hung up the leathers about four years ago. Anyone else on here who has ridden over the Col Du Bonnette, highest pass in Europe ? :ok:

31st Dec 2010, 16:55
A 1958 or 59 Norton Dominator bought in 1967. How I survived I will never know.

31st Dec 2010, 17:04
In 1968 I bought a DMW 197 (Mk 8?) for £12. The first time I went out on it on quiet country lanes to learn how to ride it something went wrong with the brakes and I shot across a T junction missing a sign post by half a yard, up a grassy bank, then through the hedge. Someone had conveniently dug a trench ready to lay a water pipe in the field just the other side, I parted company with the bike landing upside down in a mound of lovely soft earth then me and bike slid gently down into the trench. The bike was little damaged but I needed stitches in a split chin, parents had a fit when I was brought home with my front covered in blood and mud. The gap in the hedge can still be seen to this day.

Kept it for a couple of years without further incident apart from frequently being stopped by police for road worthiness tests as whilst it was basically sound it looked a heap, but never any further action taken. Sold it on for £25.

31st Dec 2010, 18:00
A Honda CB175 which I bought for £50 while stationed in Cyprus in 1974.


mr fish
31st Dec 2010, 19:40
first bike, yamaha FS1E

second bike, kawasaki KH250, beautiful sounding machine on ALLSPEEDS but damn that centre cylinder, never could get the plug to run clean.

third bike, yamaha TERRY BECKETT tuned yamaha RD400 (scared me sh*tless everytime i rode it)!!

fourth bike (and i'm sad to say last) yamaha, "home tuned" RD350LC.

the LC was a wonderful machine until it seized and fasttracked me to the scene of the accident!!!

as you may gather, i have a love of strokers and will probably shed a small tear after the 125 race at silverstone next year, seems a BIG mistake to get rid of the best class in motogp:{

31st Dec 2010, 23:10
Pingdit, thanks for saving me the trouble looking for a photo....a red CB175 in 1976 was my first bike too. After a nightmare first ride from London down to Weston-super-Mud (didn't know about the strainer in the fuel tap :uhoh:) I actually got to like the thing :}

Followed in roughly chronological order by....

Suzuki TS185

Suzuki GT750 (the kettle)

Suzuki GSX250 (bought in a box, annoyed the wife for months cleaning bits in the kitchen sink)

Suzuki GT250

Suzuki RGV250

Suzuki GS550E

Honda VFR750

Yamaha FJ1200

Suzuki RF900

Suzuki DR650

Kasinski Comet 250 (Hyosung in the UK ?)

Kasinski Comet GT650R


And back to a Suzuki GT750 Kettle....saw it a few months ago in a local bike shop, fully restored with original parts, the price wasn't too outrageous, so I just couldn't resist :ooh:


1st Jan 2011, 01:54
Royal Enfield RE 125 cc ex-WD. girder forks, hand change.

This was perhaps the safest m/c ever to be licensed, since it rarely started. They were rumoured to have been dropped from a/c, paratroopers, in war, for the use of.

If that fate did actually overtake any, I hope statistics were kept re use in operations. If Yes, these would reveal that the host paratrooper's post war hobby was the marathon run or walk, given the pedestrian practice and leg muscles he owed to the jolly old.

Mine would start only on a middle gear engage/ clutch disengage/ rapid trot downhill/ jump and bump process, and not often even then.

The BSA Bantam 125 was a marque to be envied, since they often did start.

The RE 350 cc ohv that followed was more versatile, starting quite often. It was started by a "decompressor" or "valve lifter" scheme that sometimes did lift a valve or decompress enough to allow the piston to do its up and down thing about enough to catch fire before the back-kick did yet more damage to the Davaar incisors.

1st Jan 2011, 03:02
I really like the old Jap stuff, the GT750 looks terrific! I was wondering about buying one of this new build Royal Enfield Bullets, but a restored old Suzuki or Honda would probably be just the ticket.

1st Jan 2011, 04:26
First bike, circa 1953 - Beezer Bantam identical to post#1

Then Bantam Major, red 150cc version of above

Then Tiger Cub

Then 30 year gap - motor cars and aeroplanes

Then 150cc. Honda

Then Honda CB550F ( left behind in last resident country - big mistake )

Now Honda CBX400F - nice town bike in good weather, daylight - which is all I do, none of this dangerous wet weather, night driving stuff.

( but I do still fly aeroplanes ! but not at night or in wet weathe either.)

1st Jan 2011, 05:47
Triumph Tiger Cub. :yuk:

I'll spare you any pictures. Unbelievably abysmal 'engineering'. Very unsatisfying to work on (a frequent necessity). Replaced with a Jap bike after a few weeks. What a difference! No wonder they killed off the Brits.

Since the Cub trauma, I'd be tempted by a Vincent Black Shadow (£lots) or a Brough Superior (£helluva lot more than lots), but nothing else British.

I'd have a Ducati (916, probably), if only they were reliable. I'd maybe have a Harley, if they weighed less than a Sherman tank.

unstable load
1st Jan 2011, 07:25
Suzuki GT750 Kettle that dumped me in a heap
Kawaski Z1R-II, stupidly (via hindsight) sold
Moto Guzzi V65SP, ditto above
Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans currently.

1st Jan 2011, 07:33
I'd have a Ducati (916, probably), if only they were reliable. I'd maybe have a Harley, if they weighed less than a Sherman tank.

American friends with Harleys reckon that if Harley-Davidson made aircraft engines - they'd never fly, they consider them totally unreliable.

I wouldn't know.

1st Jan 2011, 07:58
Bantam, if you got to over 65 indicated points would close up, needed reset ( early life preserver).
Various bitsa scramblers come road bikes.
AJS 250
Several years gap whilst driving Chieftian tanks for HM.
Suzuki DT 370
Suzuki TS 250
Kawasaki 600 Ninja
Yamaha 1000 Genesis
Yamaha 1000 Exup
Couple of gap years building an RV 6.
Yamaha R6 & Suzuki 1250 bandit.

Background Noise
1st Jan 2011, 08:58
As soon as I was 16 I was on my dad's moped - some sort of 3-speed.

Editted - this was the actual bike, just found this old shot. CZ175.

Very clever for it's day, and it's origins, automatic oil feed and semi automatic clutch via the gear shift lever. Used to have the head off every couple of weeks for a decoke. Went everywhere on it.

Then a quick bike test, very simple back in 1979, and a Honda CB350.

Then BMW 100/7 (for 15 years), Guzzi 750 and now Honda Pan European.

Yamagata ken
1st Jan 2011, 09:37
A Francis Barnett with 200cc Villiers. I was 15, it cost me 5 quid and it came in a sack. My DoE award examiner said if I could get that through the MOT, he'd pass me for my project. On my 16th birthday, I rode it to school, MOT'd and taxed.

This week I'm going to cash in my pension. This will be my present to myself.

http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/5253/2000suzukisv650.jpg (http://img141.imageshack.us/i/2000suzukisv650.jpg/)

1st Jan 2011, 10:17
Never rode a bike until four years ago, when my wife made me get a bike licence (at the age of 39). This meant my very first bike was (and still is) a 1050cc sports-tourer:


1st Jan 2011, 10:27
Back in 1976 I witered my parents to death for an AP50 for my 16th birthday, which finally worked when they phoned me up from the dealers and asked if I wanted red or blue ? Thanks mum and dad. Wrote it off later that year, after an afternoon skiving school and spending the time in bed with my then girlfriend.
Insurance paid out,and I bought a GT185 Suzuki, which I rode (stupidly) before I turned 17. I managed to crash that one, showing off to a girl I hancied as I nailed it out of the school gates. Had it repaired, at my own expense, and put it away till I was 17. Sold it when my parents moved to Spain in 1978.
Since then, gosh the list is long but here goes:- (in no particular order)

GT250 Suzukis (probably 3 or 4)
RD250E Yamaha (2)
GS850G (5)
Moto Guzzi Le mans Mk1 (lovely)
MV Agusta F4S
Ducati 900 Monster
Monster S4R
Trident 900
Daytona 955
Zephyr 1100
VFR800 (3)
VFR800 Vtec (not as nice as the ones above)
KH500 kawasaki triple.
Sure there must be more, but can;t remember any more this morning due to last night's excess.

1st Jan 2011, 13:19
I remember this thread from four years ago. Don't know why I didn't contribute then. But this was my first bike the CB125N.
Bought second hand. I rode it home from the shop in first gear because I had no idea how to ride it properly. Went to work on it the next day and promptly fell off on gravel. Rather ambitiously a couple of weeks later I and a friend on his bike attempted to get to the Farnborough Airshow from Dublin via ferry to Holyhead. Perhaps fortunately I was hit by a gust of wind and fell off just outside Holyhead, breaking a thumb and the brake lever. Fortunately because it's likely a more fatal accident was entirely possible further down the road.

After various adventures I traded it for an RD350LC, which was an entirely different proposition altogether.

sled dog
1st Jan 2011, 13:38
Background Noise, i had a Honda ST1100 Pan European a few years ago. All round, probably the best bike i ever had.

1st Jan 2011, 13:43
My first bike was a new Honda CJ250T, in bright yellow, like this one.


Seeing the Tomos moped brought back memories as I was a warranty/parts/service agent for the marque and saw several of the little horrors and the damage inflicted upon them by their clueless owners.

Hard to believe that at one time they were the best selling 'bike' in the UK! :eek:

1st Jan 2011, 13:51
when my wife made me get a bike licence

Congratulations on said wife! Hard to imagine such a splendid woman exists, a Boadicea of the modern age. Happy New Year!

1st Jan 2011, 13:52
I started out on a Suzuki GS500E which I bought straight from my school since they were replacing their ageing and worn fleet. It was a bit of a wreck before I crashed it (twice, at slow speed on bot occasions fortunately). After a summers riding it went in the shed until MOT time and when it became apparent that it would cost to much to get it roadworthy was sold on at scrap value to a guy who liked projects.

5 Years later and without having ridden anything in the meantime, I began to wonder whether I had bitten off more than I could chew jumping straight on a ZX6R, but it's non stop grins.

1st Jan 2011, 14:03
my wife made me get a bike licence

my wife made me get a bike licence and hefty life insurance

1st Jan 2011, 14:14
I'm cheating here, my 'first bike' was wholly a fantasy. After a period in my early teens absolutely drooling over the plethora of superb British motorcycles in the fifties, in which this beautiful monster was my ultimate dream machine, my older cousin Gordon unwittingly cured me 'at a stroke'. He gave me my first ever two-wheeled road trip on the pillion of his 'Manx' Norton, which he raced at club events at Brands Hatch.

The insubstantial dreams immediately vanished as he laid that snarling thing almost flat on every bend in the quiet Kent lanes, with me clinging on in abject terror as he showed off at mega force ten. The hitherto only imagined pleasures of biking evaporated after that appalling experience, and my eventual first motorised vehicle was a car. However, thank you Gordon, by scaring the pants off me at that formative age, you are probably one of the reasons why I am blessedly still here. I am evidently not an instinctive biker, and would most likely have killed myself off had I ever actually owned such an engineering masterpiece as this Black Beauty, which still makes me mentally salivate at a rare sighting of one nowadays:

Vincent Black Shadow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_Black_Shadow)

1st Jan 2011, 15:55
RD 250


Generic photo BTW

1st Jan 2011, 16:05
My girlfriend of the time told me I couldn't get back into motorcycling in the early 1990's as she feared for my safety.

I told her she needn't worry and she became the ex-girlfriend instead:=

1st Jan 2011, 16:23
Some nice first bikes here, had to check to see if I had posted before.

In chronological order
For riding round the field, a stripped Garrelli Capri 80cc scooter not unlike this one, but with a seat and minus the front fairing. Just looking at the pic reminded me of the barked shin from the "footpeg" when trying to start it - and that was 44 years ago..and I did not have the benefit of anything after the downpipe.


Followed by
Ambassador Villiers 2T
Greeves Scottish
Norton Domi 650 cafe racer style
and many others

1976 Montesa Cota 348

Cornish Jack
1st Jan 2011, 16:54
Can I really be the only one to start with an Excelsior 150? The choice, at the time, (Aden '56) was the Excelsior or a 750 Harley footrest PLATES you could have held a party on!! Both at 9,000 EAS ( £45.00) and both possibilities until I tried to wrest the Harley from its sidestand to the upright!!!:eek:
Will shortly have to get rid of my third and last - a Honda C90, had since new in '76 and with a mere 4500 miles on it. The knackered right knee can't manage the kickstart any more :{

1st Jan 2011, 18:55
Started off with an FS1E Yamaha moped, BSA Barracuda 250 after that,then on to a Yamaha RD250 (the air cooled one) then it was a KH750 which nearly killed me on the A5 near Cannock (Gailey roundabout and a big patch of diesel) Gave up bikes for many years afterwards but then fell in love with a VFR750. which I loved until some toerag nicked it! that was in 1997. not had a bike since but can still feel the temptation.

1st Jan 2011, 19:26
Blue and white Norton Jubilee circa 1963.


15 years ago was up at Finningley. The hole in the hedge I made on the Bawtry road in 1964 was still there. :O

Once got her up to 100mph on the A46 going downhill with the wind behind me.

1st Jan 2011, 19:34
alisoncc bet you wish you still had it tho' :ooh:

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
1st Jan 2011, 19:51
In approximate order, from dim and distant memory:

Cyclemaster (was given it, would just about move with lots of pedal assistance)
James 125 (Cost £3 due to newish trials tyre. Included use of vendor’s nearby farm for under road riding age exploits).
D1 Bantam (Another freebie from a family friend whose son had emigrated).
Tiger Cub (Crashed it on a dark night due to glow-worm used for a head light)
Tiger Cub (Made from the few straight bits of the previous one.)
1936 Ariel 350RH (Built from bits)
1954 Ariel 350 (Swapped for a couple of tea chests of Ariel bits, which were subsequently converted in to a concourse wining machine by someone with more skill and patience).
BMW 75/7 (Ex. Police bike, looked nice but with hidden nasties like helicoiled heads etc.)
Honda 250N Super Dream (Rat bike, skint at the time and needed cheap transport.)
Honda CB900FB Bol D’Or (Nice bike, surprised I didn’t kill myself. Sold to a colleague in Holland and shipped across the North Sea along with some survey equipment)
BMW R80RT (Still have it, but not used enough. So if anyone would like a nice R80RT…)

1st Jan 2011, 20:42
alisoncc bet you wish you still had it tho'

Wrote her off early '65. For some reason, now unknown, I had had to go down to the Gin Palace at Waddo, and on the way back ran into one of those godawful fog/smogs we used to get back then. Hit a lamp post full on, bent the front forks back a good 12 inchs, smashed up the headlight, handlebars, everything, but luckily not me.

Loose rivets
2nd Jan 2011, 04:28
Having messed with Photo-bucket, I've now repaired the links on p 1 if anyone's interested. Nice pic of Sunbeam S7. That, and a little girl, taught me a lesson or three. I still have the gravel rash.

Rather be Gardening
2nd Jan 2011, 07:12
First one was a Bandit 500


Then a Pan European


Then a VFR. Gave up biking 4 years ago.


2nd Jan 2011, 11:08
Circumstances dictated the necessity for off road bikes for the first 40 years or so:

1) Yamaha L2CA, 100cc

2) Yamaha A2T-E, 125cc (or 175 with CT2 piston, barrel and head) - I should have never sold it :sad:.
3) Yamaha AG 175, 175cc
4) And then a 4 banger - Yamaha AG 200, 200cc (goodbye fouled plugs and oily smell).

These were sometimes ridden in fairly wild adventures, often in hilly/mountainous terrain, the likes of which I would, with a now perhaps more mature outlook, hesitate to even walk /crawl over today :eek:. Somehow I survived.

5) These days being a 'gentleman' of more leisurely pursuits, I tour modestly on a Suzuki 650 VStrom (below); hills, headwinds, and other curses of earlier days no longer exist. Nice!


2nd Jan 2011, 15:14
The first was an AJS 250 with one of those daft handlebar fairings. It would do 80, so the clock said, with me flat on the tank after I took the fairing off. It also had me flat on the road on more than a few occasions, due more to my incompetence than the bike. I have chamfers on every part of my body that sticks out (including my nose) some of which are still visible nearly fifty years on. The second was a BSA Gold Star 500 with a racing fairing and close ratio box. It would do 70 in first and I have fond memories of blowing off my mates on a gaggle of Triumphs, BSAs, etc in first gear, cos they had to change gear. It was a buggah around town with the close ratio box, but wonderful on the open road, which we had lots of then. It also had a tendency for tank slappers at around 100, which was not good for my peace of mind! The thing also used to suck my trousers into the carb, which I discovered one day when it would just not go, though this was easily fixed, unlike the oil leaks. Nonetheless, I wish I still had it. After this I was banished to cars by the female influence and had a number of interesting cars (E Type, Elan, MGB (wot!), and so on) with the last being an Alfa 156 GTA (nicked off me by three scrotes who took the keys off me at knife point ). Negotiations with the light of my life about buying another bike have been ongoing for a number of years, but usually end in er.. disagreement, she is probably right though about getting one at my age! She does say I can have a Lotus 7 as she has no idea of what one is, heh heh, we shall see!
Gyp Barbatus

3rd Jan 2011, 09:55
The Suzuki was about my fourth bike (about 1982), the car (the Singer Gazelle, not the Toyota) was my first - early 70's.


3rd Jan 2011, 11:30
Joined this thread late, but mysteriously the originator had me down pat. Mine was a 1953 BSA Bantam 125, ex Doncaster (UK) Post Office with more miles on it when I bought it in 1966 than your could shake a stick at.

It taught me mechanics and patience. I remember well having it in bits after a days work at Coniston Colliery, trying to fix the final drive cog which had somehow come detached.

I learned to "lay" a bike on this, even with its paltry HP. Wet leaves at 30 mph is a good teacher. It had an interesting character of cutting out to total silence if I held more than 45 mph for more than a few minutes. Stop at the side of the road for a few minutes, restart and off we went again. As you might gather, I never got a speeding ticket.

Mates at that time (1966) had an Ariel Arrow, which the local rockers considered a scooter (Fools, Fools) and in the thread above mentioned, Triumph Cubs. There was a lot of willy waving rivalry in those days between BSA and Triumph owners and on reflection, I wish I had gone for the Cub.

Good memories are being created by this thread...

Romeo Oscar Golf
3rd Jan 2011, 15:02
I wish..... My dear mother, before her family days is second in from the left

My first is the 150cc ex GPO Bantam

Next was the Model 50 Norton with girlfriend (eventually my wife)

Next was 650 Ariel Huntmaster with Watsonian Sports Tourer chair. Prone to punctures and many broken spokes (it was the way I rode it). Sold it prior to S Cerney because some pillock told me that aircrew officers don't have motorbikes.

Finally a Honda CX500 (kids on board) which I took up to Catterick for my resettlement couse.I expected to "shock" the stuffy Officers Mess crowd only to find that it was the home of the army's motorcycle team. I seem to recall that the team's young (female) tour manager and adj was quite a girl...and she liked flyers!:E (but not navigators it would seem)

Romeo Oscar Golf
3rd Jan 2011, 15:11
There was a lot of willy waving rivalry in those days between BSA and Triumph owners

You're right, great memories. I recall the rivally twixt Triumph and Norton owners with the latter's superior roadholder forks and featherbed frame, more than compensating for the triumph's superior engine. From this of couse emerged the Triton.

3rd Jan 2011, 16:18
Ah the CX500 with it's quite distinctive sound. For many years it was the standard bike of the Garda, our police force. One bike cop, George as he was known was the Judge Dredd of our area. It got so that even the sound of an approaching CX500 would scatter any group of indolent youths. Because George was the law and anyone who thought otherwise would suffer his wrath.

Those were the days!

3rd Jan 2011, 18:37
Early 80's, the choice was either a fizy (10 a penny), or the 'rare as hen's teeth' (according to one dealer) Suzuki AP50. So I bought a suzy from a school friend. The freedom! Go where parents/public transport/bicycles can't/won't go!Night time rides with school mates, wonderful!
She'd cruise at 40mph all day; with new piston & rings, chains & sprockets she'd do 45mph....into the side of an Exide Battery van which decided to turn right while indicating left.

3rd Jan 2011, 23:36

The TM 125 Suzuki MX (but this is s stock pic)

YZ250X (the air fork OLD one!)
and currently:

The mighty RD350LC!

Loose rivets
4th Jan 2011, 06:01

I have a picture of my mum somewhere. Just can't find it for the moment. She told of getting stuck between two buses - the bars scraping both at the same time.

Must find it...it was hand coloured. She used to do that for a living.

One of the whole page for now.


It was suggested on a thread some time ago, that this was one of the same type. Can't see it now, but I'll look more closely for the good scans. Might be a later year.


Trim Stab
4th Jan 2011, 06:49
Not my first bike, but this is still the one I miss the most:

http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/7682/image0000018av.jpg (http://img534.imageshack.us/i/image0000018av.jpg/)

I rode it across the Sahara, in the days before you risked having your head chopped off.

4th Jan 2011, 07:35
I guess you parked it by spinning the rear wheel for a few seconds. :ok:

4th Jan 2011, 23:02
BSA Bantam (rode it 3 up, never been on a bike before)

Suzuki TC100 (rotary valve 2 stroke & highly underrated oil injection)

Yamaha GT80 (an honest bike if there ever was one)

Suzuki PE250 (did countless enduros on it)

Yamaha YZ400 (many more enduros & 2 day desert races with long range tank and highly geared, very fast. Main jet was reamed out so much you could put your foot through it.)

Honda CB750F2 (bought for commuting and used later for E&E)

Suzuki Hayabusa (brother let his sit in his garage unused so lent it to me for a while. Not a practical machine if I have to be honest but had some serious neck straining fun on it) :E

Have nothing now but still miss them today. Would look at an off-road tourer if I were to buy again.

Previewed this post and no photos came up, links only. Does it need to be this hard?

4th Jan 2011, 23:39
click on the image box (next to the speech bubble) and paste your URL into the box...

5th Jan 2011, 02:10
Thanks gileraguy. (note to self: look os, look. Lemme try that again:

BSA Bantam (rode it 3 up, never been on a bike before)

Suzuki TC100 (rotary valve 2 stroke & highly underrated oil injection, hardly used any oil and it never siezed, a lesson there somewhere)

Yamaha GT80 (an honest minibike if there ever was one. Oil injection again, don't remember ever adding oil.)

Suzuki PE250 (did countless enduros on it. When the original rear shocks wore out I buggered it up by putting on Konis which were 20mm longer and it was never the same despite all the adjusting. Indestructable engine but agricultural gearbox and a barsted of a clutch; tried all sorts of tricks to get that clutch to work)

Yamaha YZ400 (many more enduros & 2 day desert races with long range tank and highly geared, very fast. Geared and jetted it so it would run all day at 160 kmh. Neck and hands/arms used to get fatigued during these lengthy runs. Main jet was reamed out so much you could put your foot through it.)

Honda CB750F2 (bought for commuting and used later for E&E)

Suzuki Hayabusa (brother let his sit in his garage unused so lent it to me for a while. Not a practical machine if I have to be honest but had some serious neck straining fun on it)

Have nothing now but still miss them today. Would look at an off-road tourer if I were to buy again, something like this.

Loose rivets
5th Jan 2011, 03:44
What's that pointy car behind the second pikkie?

5th Jan 2011, 04:21
Note to others... (whispering)
...How do I tell Mr. Rivets it's a picture I got from the web? The only one I had was of my mother riding the little 80 towing a rope tied to a plastic clothes basket containing my younger brother around our front yard.

Romeo Oscar Golf
5th Jan 2011, 12:41
What's that pointy car behind the second pikkie?

TVR perhaps?

5th Jan 2011, 12:46

OK, OK, I'm going.....

5th Jan 2011, 18:17
Bantam Major (150cc) as a teenager in 1964 (cost me £25). Didn't go very fast but made a lot of smoke and noise (just like a RR Spey really). Our idea of fun: race down the road in 2nd, throttle wide, over-revved engine screaming in protest, belching out an oily smoke screen with a thick plume of blue exhaust . . . just to annoy the neighbours. We envied the rich kids who could afford Tiger Cubs.

5th Jan 2011, 18:56
My first motor bike was a secondhand Levis, It had a hand gear change and an external oil pump with a glass top so that you could see the oil circulating. :ok:

5th Jan 2011, 20:42
Half the problem lies in the exhaust pipe, particularly in older 2 strokes. In my competitive years I studied how to design one for a given engine. The bible of the time was "The Two Stroke Tuners Handbook by Gordon Jennings" IIRC, lot of good info in that. It was during this time I decided to find out just how bad that exhaust pipe was on that TC 100 we had. Simply put, I took it off and rode the bike; hard. The revs that came out of this thing were remarkable. One does need the various specifically designed components of a tuned exhaust though.