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21st Sep 2006, 15:06
Just talking to a friend on MSN, and we were discussing movies about small town life in the US, particularly the south. Where the Heart Is, Last Picture Show, Texasville, In the Heat of the Night, Beautiful People, and well, the rest of them. But I'm trying to remember one movie I saw a couple of years ago and I have not a clue. It's not one of the greats, but I remember being charmed by it; unfortunately not enough to remember a thing about where it was set or who was in it, giving me nothing to do a search on IMDb with.

It was a languid look at the lives of a few male friends as they approached the end of their schooling in a very small town in the middle of nowhere, suddenly realising that things were going to change. From memory, one decided to join the army, and the last act was the final night, with the expected drunkenness, then a couple of the boys sitting at the town limits the next day(a sign comes vaguely to mind, a population perhaps?) and a bus arriving to take him away. I can't even remember how it finished, I suspect it may have been late at night that I watched it.

OK Googlers; any ideas? :}

21st Sep 2006, 15:14
Not this one?

The Boys Next Door


21st Sep 2006, 15:24
God no! Clearly my attempted description was a miserable failure!

This was basically a character study, there were no shoot-em-up scenes, no special effects, no alpha male weapons stashes. It was just a good hearted look at the sudden approach of Decision Time among kids who've never really had to make a decision, and how they each handle it. I doubt that many people ever saw it!

21st Sep 2006, 15:31
I stand corrected.....as the man in the orthopedic shoes said!

21st Sep 2006, 15:32
Is it Diner (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083833/)?

Romeo Delta
21st Sep 2006, 16:58
Is it Diner (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083833/)?

Wouldn't think so. Baltimore is not really a small town in the middle of nowhere. :ok: :8

21st Sep 2006, 17:03
Give me a hard one... :cool:

"Dancer, Texas Pop. 81" (http://www.amazon.ca/Dancer-Texas-Widescreen-Full-Screen/dp/0767819624)

21st Sep 2006, 17:11
The Last Picture Show?

21st Sep 2006, 17:57
Stand By Me, Binos? Don't know about the movie title though! :} :p



21st Sep 2006, 19:49
Big Wednesday?

American Graffiti?

21st Sep 2006, 19:52
One movie in this genre is Empire Falls.

Don't know why I liked it but it was enjoyable (and l o n g) :ok:

22nd Sep 2006, 01:41
And the fluffy toy goes to Orac (of course). I thought it had something about population in the title so I searched IMDb on that; didn't think about POP. Thanks ORAC!

Nice little movie btw, but not if you want guns and car crashes.

22nd Sep 2006, 12:32
Was part of the plot that they went looking for 'Dom' ? (which was a bottle of champagne buried in the middle of nowhere ??)

BTW, putting "Looking for Dom" into google gets some great links !!!