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21st Sep 2006, 09:22
His obituary (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?view=DETAILS&grid=&xml=/news/2006/09/21/db2102.xml) in today's paper. I remember literally falling off my chair with laughter the first time I heard him - 1970s probably?


21st Sep 2006, 09:24
Suggestions for an appropriate funeral/send off?

cessna l plate
21st Sep 2006, 10:34
Took some time to make the paper !!
I never heard the man live, but have heard his records, a sad loss

21st Sep 2006, 12:06
Bloody hell Did he go out with a bang?

As I have mentioned elsewhere I had the privelage of seeing him perform in a local pub. Hilarious.

Was there a que at the crem' to warm the pork pies on a grave diggers shovel?

RIP Blaster.

21st Sep 2006, 12:25
"The naming of Knicker Brook" still makes me chuckle every time I watch bike racing at Oulton Park:)

"it was springtime you know - well all you could see was his bum and her knees"

And as for "The shower of s*** over Shropshire" - or was it Cheshire?:D

"you cannot run at 40 mph over a ploughed field with clogs on, and he disappeared in a black haze"

21st Sep 2006, 13:01
then the wind caught it ..... and he was lost to us!

There's no more like him out there - just wish I had heard him live.

2 sheds
21st Sep 2006, 16:41
Was a great fan of his records and saw him live in 1982. Brilliant - held the stage alone all evening. Just ambled on with a few of his "props" and rambled for two or three hours.

Had the audience in stitches - except for the one dozy tart right in front of us who didn't understand the humour!

Thanks for many laughs, Blaster.

22nd Sep 2006, 09:52
My favourite vision is of him in a fishing club rowing boat, dynamiting the Pike that were eating their trout. Blaster's dropping dynamite over the transom as fast as he can, trying to keep up with the rower who is going fast enough to tow a water skier.

Lon More
22nd Sep 2006, 13:49
"We know who it is and we know where it is, now please tell us where it is" ....
Donkey Derby's ....
And the comment by the Irishman, "You'd be a great man in a political organisation" ....
A source of great entertainment. Him and Fred, giants amongst men.


None of the above
22nd Sep 2006, 18:59
Went to see Blaster Bates some years ago. He produced what appeared to be a lump of plastic explosive and said:
"Gentlemen, you may smoke................. if this lot goes off you might even steam a little".

'Language' didn't appear to trouble him either. I remember him telling the story of his immediate post war work and the WD surplus van which, due to its colour scheme, was known as the 'Flying Sh!te'.
'I've got a Volvo out there' he said gesturing over his shoulder 'it's the same colour but they call it Safari Beige'.

22nd Sep 2006, 23:04
I am sorry to hear of his death.

My late husband loved his humour and indeed he persuaded me to go along to one of his shows in the Corn Exchange in Bedford sometime in the eighties.

Actually 2 sheds I might have been the 'dozy tart' you mentioned, who didn't actually get the humour!!!!!

Sorry but I did try!!!!!

23rd Sep 2006, 00:43
It wasn't so much his humour tart1, it was the way he painted pictures in your mind with his words. There's not many folk who can do that well... :)