View Full Version : Fat, greedy, vicious, little @^#%&%@#.

Loose rivets
21st Sep 2006, 07:45
No, Not a Mexican bandit, or a Texas Red-neck, just a selfish little git. Some of the flying displays are fantastic. He sits all day guarding his cornucopia and will manage to see off three or so, but then more sneak in and feed while he chases others. He goes 20 yards or so in pursuit.


2/3rds of the bird types in N America can be found here in ‘the Valley'. Dunno what this is though.


Solid Rust Twotter
21st Sep 2006, 07:53
Got plenty of these sorting out the caterpillars in my garden...


21st Sep 2006, 08:31
Got plenty of these sorting out the caterpillars in my garden...

Ahh, Hoopee!! Yes, we have those, they make a wierd noise too....

Regards, SD..

21st Sep 2006, 09:33
BRILLIANT pic, Mr. Rivets!

green granite
21st Sep 2006, 10:13
Bit like the spotted Woodpecker that comes onto the peanut feeder in my garden, watched him the other day when a sparrow landed on the far side he was round there like lightening and saw him off, then spent a few minutes trying to get rid of the sparrows feathers off of his beak

White Bear
21st Sep 2006, 15:45
I agree it’s an Oriole. Beautiful birds, with an interesting song.
Lots of them in Minnesota.:ok:
White Bear.

21st Sep 2006, 20:02
Mother always gets irritated by the meanest of mean little hummingbirds at the feeders. She still keeps them full. :)