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CarltonBrowne the FO
21st Sep 2006, 03:36
Remember a few years ago, at the height of an advertising campaign emphasising the youth market, GAP were rocked by an unsolicited endorsement from that well-known OAP, Joan Collins?
I had an idea for a follow-up. Think of an especially unsuitable celebrity, then start an internet campaign to have them publicly announce how they enjoy buying clothes from GAP, and never go anywhere else.
Here are my first 2 suggestions:
1. Clive James
2. Patricia Routledge.
Any more?

Howard Hughes
21st Sep 2006, 05:00
I have no idea what GAP is, but I'll play....
How about Kirk Douglas? Or do they have to be English?:ok:

21st Sep 2006, 06:20
Michael Winner :yuk:



Loose rivets
21st Sep 2006, 06:35
Just an aside. It was reported today that G-Dubblya has managed to close the Gap. Pity, it was one of the few profit-making companies in the country.

21st Sep 2006, 06:35
Michael Winner :yuk:



Oh yes Whirls!! I'm leaving for the bathroom as I speak!! :eek: :ok:

21st Sep 2006, 07:21
Patricia Routledge

I'll second that !

What about:

1.Rush Limp-Bowels

2.Roseanne Barr

3.Mr. Tom Jones !

And for the In-shape crowd:

4.Janet Reno - c'mon you know you want to see this lady in some tight fitting jeans !

5.Duchess of Cornwall

Mr Lexx
21st Sep 2006, 11:43
Janet Street Porter:yuk: :=

21st Sep 2006, 11:50
Cliff Richard...... :E

21st Sep 2006, 11:55
Murray Walker

Ming Campbell

21st Sep 2006, 12:10
Jeremy Clarkson?

I don't know whether Phil Tuffnel would work or not....

Paranoid Parrot
21st Sep 2006, 13:25
Mind the GAP :}

21st Sep 2006, 13:37
There can be only one...



22nd Sep 2006, 08:47
Patrick Moore definitely shops at GAP.

The monocles are from Vision Express though.

22nd Sep 2006, 09:19
Prince Charles.:E