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20th Sep 2006, 16:08
:) With a lot of people, myself included, starting new threads that have already been done, more than once in some cases. I think it would be appropriate to have this thread to list what hasn't been already posted on JB to make it easier for people to think of something as almost everything else has been :)

Sorry but i can't think of anything! hence the reason for the thread


20th Sep 2006, 16:16
We've had one of these threads before......... :E

20th Sep 2006, 16:27
Ha ! Nice variant on the "Deja Vu" gag, ST.

Know exactly what you mean, wooly. Not quite what you were asking, but please please please can we have a separate forum for people who want to post links to "Youtube" :yuk:

20th Sep 2006, 16:32
I'm surprised that nobody's started a 'bungs' thread.

Make a payment into my offshore account and I'll resist the temptation to do so.

tony draper
20th Sep 2006, 16:40
Hmmm, thimbles?,one cannot recal a thread on thimbles,or brass rubbing,now there's a interesting one.

Capn Notarious
20th Sep 2006, 16:42
Never had a thread about Canal boats, have we?

20th Sep 2006, 16:45
...and hedgehog recipes. Nobody seems to care...

20th Sep 2006, 17:08
havent seen any thread on why GA is so inexpensive in the UK.

20th Sep 2006, 17:08
Recipes for hedgehogs, or recipes involving hedgehogs spork? Could find yourself on the wrong end of an animal rights activist with that one :eek:

Been a while since I've seen those hedgehog crisps. Mmmm mmm mm mm mmm .. .

20th Sep 2006, 17:55
No threads on why speed cameras are such jolly useful things to have dotted around the countryside either :ouch:

20th Sep 2006, 18:00
Dwile Flonking doesn't seem to get the attention it might.

20th Sep 2006, 18:49
Don't have a recipe for hedgehogs, but I do have one for deep fried porcupine on page 13 of my "Cold Lake District Sportsmens Fish and Game Association Cook Book".

Krystal n chips
20th Sep 2006, 18:56
Never had a thread about Canal boats, have we?

Never been on one as such, but often wondered can you get done for being er, "under the influence" as meandering down a canal from pub to pub seems a nice way to er, get "happy" shall we say.

On the other hand, being afloat and in the proximity of others may prove to inhibit other, er, activities ----should one be part of a couple so to speak.

Just a rambling thought or two.

20th Sep 2006, 18:59
Let's have a Hamster Wheel thread - never seen one of them on here:E :ugh:

Or how about a thread on Aggregates and misc gravel?:8

20th Sep 2006, 19:20
Aggregte, is that the stuff they play football on?
I remember hearing about a team "Winning on Aggregate"

green granite
20th Sep 2006, 20:04
One wraps a hedgehog in a clay overcoat and bakes it in a hot fire, least thats how the romanies did it :cool:

20th Sep 2006, 21:11
I think it would be appropriate to have this thread to list what hasn't been already posted on JB

It's called the SEARCH function........it doesn't bite ;) ;)

Big Tudor
20th Sep 2006, 21:13
Don't think there's been a thread on the search function Jerricho. It has been mentioned in so many posts surely the time has come to afford it a thread all of it's own. :ok:

20th Sep 2006, 21:14
Mr Tudor, that sounds like a challenge mate ;)

Big Tudor
20th Sep 2006, 21:20
Step up to the plate Mr J, if yer man enuff! ;)

20th Sep 2006, 22:03
Just done a search and i seem to be the first to ask my ponderings i hope, so phew.

Has anyone posted anything about 9/11 yet? or maybe a refreshing thread on terrorists???:suspect:



20th Sep 2006, 22:05
Have you seen the one about Tech Log entries? I know not many have seen it. Or the one about the lighthouse and the USS Enterprise.

21st Sep 2006, 05:01
Oh my Goddess!!!!! I just read the rules of engagment, now being sober for a change, and I'm just not game to start anything!!!!!!!!

Buster Hyman
21st Sep 2006, 07:06
Perhaps one about the joys of Pounting Costs??

21st Sep 2006, 08:38
By Tommy Armstrong, 'The Pitman's Poet'

1. Aa'll sing you a song if ye'll patiently wait
Aboot a grand supper there's been at Streetgate,
Te eat this grand supper, there only was two
But they ate a whole hedgehog, some bacon and coo

cho: Singing fal-de-ral laddy, sing fal-de-ral day
Fal-de-ral laddy, sing fal-de-ral day

2. There's a chap in the neighbourhood has a small dog,
One day went oot walkin' and it catched a hedgehog
So te have a bit fun with the prize that they'd got
He thowt tiv hissel he wad take it to Stott.

3. When he took it to Stott, they arranged what to dee,
Wi' Kingey and Barbour they aalways made free:
Everytime they went, they were hungry and dry
So just for a lark they wad make them a pie.

4. Noo it had to be killed before starting to skin't,
So they took up a mell for te knock oot its wind,
Them that was present, tha roared and tha laughed;
The chap missed the hedgehog an he broke the mellshaft.

5. The mell was ne use so they took a sharp knife,
Detarmined to take awa Proggley's life
They tried for te kill him in two diff'rent ways
So they had te droon it for te finish his days.

6. The landlady's sister made up a pie crust
With the best of beef fat and some dumplin' dust
She nicked it aal roond, made it tender and then
The oven was hot, so she put the pie in.

7. Noo, Barbour and Kingey sat winkin' their eye
And wishin' they only could get a bit pie;
They were watchin' the mistress instead of their gill -
The smell was that nice, they could hardly keep still.

8. Tom the butcher te suit them, soon found oot a plan,
He says, "Drink off your gills, be as sharp as ye can:
Gan intae the meathoose an' let aal things by
And aa'll watch the mistress and steal you the pie!"

9. In the meathoose they only had been a short while
When they saa the pie comin' and they started te smile:
Tom says, "Get it eaten; 'twas fettled for Stott,
If he comes, he'll gan mad" Kingey says,"Man, it's hot"

9. Noo to get the pie eaten, they both wired in
Till the gravy ran of baith their noses and chin.
When Stott showed the skin of the pie that they had,
They looked at each other, an' they torned very bad.

10. Says Barbour to Kingey, "Jack, I wadn't care
But proggles come noo where there used to be hair:
Aa bowt a hard hat an' aa've tied it tight doon,
But the proggles come faster and they've went through the croon!"

11. A razor's ne use: they both shave with a saw
Like icicles falling, they drop from their jaw:
Barbour's in trouble but Kingey far worse -
He cannot lie doon or sit on his arse!