View Full Version : How to deal with cell phone users!

20th Sep 2006, 13:36
Those who use cell phones in inappropriate places, watch out for this guy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hut3VRL5XRE)!:E


Solid Rust Twotter
20th Sep 2006, 14:13
Warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it....:ok:

20th Sep 2006, 14:43
Tsk, Tsk...shame he accidentally dropped it. Nasty twitch he's got there, btw.

20th Sep 2006, 14:49
That man deserved a standing ovation from the rest of the class.

That was an excellent effort, although the fact that it was getting filmed makes me wonder if it was faked.

20th Sep 2006, 15:07

Best 70 I ever spent.. the ultimate stress reliever!

green granite
20th Sep 2006, 15:43
Very useful but illegal to use it in the UK, unfortuantly :{

20th Sep 2006, 15:45
as is driving over the speed limit and listening to ATC on an Airband Scanner.

20th Sep 2006, 19:36
Those who use cell phones in inappropriate places, watch out for this guy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hut3VRL5XRE)!:E


Very funny, very apt! But whilst on the tube I was drawn to the next item, (it's a bit like looking for a word in a dictionary, you, or well I, always find myself looking at others as well as the one i wanted) anyway, where was I. Yes the 'Cell Phone Gun' blooooody frightening if you ask me. I hope our security experts haven't seen this.........

21st Sep 2006, 00:41
Why only this morning I was in the doctors waiting room to get my priapism looked at and a runty little tosser starts having half a conversation next to me. As if that wasn't bad enough he kept using annoying phrases like "We need to get my people together with your people and see how the numbers look" and "Well we don't want to lose this account" . How about you dont' want to lose some teeth? :* :}

So I joined in the conversation for a while, but that only helped so much. Finally when my name got called I stood up and said "You should take that thing outside"

Woooar. THAT was telling him.

Then he said "Pardon. What was that?"

So I had to repeat it. :{

I think the next one should just get the phone rammed down his gullet.

21st Sep 2006, 01:06
I was in the doctors waiting room to get my priapism looked at They say that working it backwards and forwards vigourously is the best treatment - but you knew that already.

My cellphone problem is that in our building, reception is poor. The only place where the damned things work, is by the window right outside my office door. And of course, the only way to deal with a poor connection is to shout down the phone. :ugh:

21st Sep 2006, 01:43
No, no, no, everbody knows that the farther the person is away from you that you are talking to the louder you have to speak.

Man when I'm in China I really got to yell.:p

21st Sep 2006, 03:53
KirsteyBest 70 I ever spent.. the ultimate stress reliever! What fun!! :)
I see the claimed range for that model is 5 metres.
Is that about right?

I suppose no portable model is going to cope with the inconsiderate idiots con-pilot describes. Shame. :mad:

21st Sep 2006, 09:13
Bob, as I call him (He's Jammin!), has a range of about 5m I'd guess. If you're sat on a train, he'll take out the seats your sat in + 2 sets of seats up and down the carriage (so I'd guess about half a carriage). Won't work on 3g, and won't work in a station with a trasmittor on the roof.. but will block about 70% of calls. Also leaves the user thinking they have full reception and has them blaiming the other user, "OO it's not me I have 200bars" blah blah!

An extra 50 seems to get you more range and 3g - but for comedy vaule the budget line is fine!