View Full Version : What will lead the TV news?

20th Sep 2006, 05:47
I just wonder what will lead the TV news in Oz (or in fact in some O/s countries) tonight?

The memorial service for Steve Irwin starring Russell Crowe and our evry present Prime Minister, or the Military Coup in Thailand.


20th Sep 2006, 07:15
Well, over here in the west the lead item on Channels 7, 9 and 10 news since Saturday has been something to do with the Dockers and the Eagles going through to the next finals round......and this at a time when the Pope p*sses off the ragheads!

Mr Lexx
20th Sep 2006, 07:21
Main news here in Blighty is an erupting corruption scandal in football, facilitated by last nights Panorama program on managers taking bungs. One now believes that some peeps in the FA knew about this already, hence why Sam Allerdyce didn't get the England job.

20th Sep 2006, 07:30
Just reported on BBC.......Tony Blair has walked out on Cherie, and is
living with Margaret Beckett in her caravan.

Gordon Brown has been 'outed' as a closet
transvestite and is a member of the Sisters of
Perpetual Indulgance.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has converted
to Islam.

There will be sunshine and showers along the
East Coast.

Not much news there then!! :rolleyes: ;)

20th Sep 2006, 07:33
BBC radio was giving quite some prominence to the Irwin service, including a chunk of the PM's oration.

As for that football corruption programme, what a let-down. I was expecting some good honest match-fixing, la Belge.