View Full Version : Wtf is this? (part 7)

19th Sep 2006, 21:23
a http://home.xtra.co.nz/hosts/Cambridge_Museum/Site%20Photos/TN2/unkno1.JPG
c) http://www.its-online.com/newsletter/images/object01.gif:E
d) http://pas.toadhms.com/view/onfly-large.php/imageID__97587/image.jpg
e) http://www.nmsr.org/uso.jpg

19th Sep 2006, 21:38
a/ Let's reverse the question.
Why don't you tell us what it is:}
"Periodically we are presented with examples of unknown or forgotten technology and here is one of those. Made of two hinged pieces of wood it has facing pads of an unknown material mounted on woven backing similar to that used behind linoleum flooring, and measures: Length folded - 19 cm; extended - 28.5 cm. Width - 5.5 cm. Does anybody know what this is? Click here to contact us"

19th Sep 2006, 21:42
But, but:{

.I've no idea what it is - hence the topic :)

Mr Lexx
19th Sep 2006, 22:30
a) Looks like a butter patt. Used to shape the butter into the normal sized chunks

19th Sep 2006, 22:32
a. Butter making thingy

c. haggis

19th Sep 2006, 22:39
It's already too late. (e) is the proof. It is an initial tapping rent in the earth's gravity/ionosphere continuum boundary, through which electrical and mechanical engineers of the 322nd battalion of Tagalast Imperial Reactionary Forces will suck out our atmosphere, using those dredger ships I warned you all about. They use it as a fertiliser for their spring vegetables, apparently.

All that other stuff is just stuff.....

19th Sep 2006, 22:48
C: Now then Mr Cheerio (nurse a little more local please), just a couple of clips and we're do........ Squit! Leaps from surgeons hand like a bar of wet soap onto the floor.

Dammit! Don't move Mr Cheerio! Nurse, see if you can find.... WHO LET THAT JACK RUSSELL IN HERE! Quick! dont let it............ Gulp, swallow...

20th Sep 2006, 06:48
b looks like a French public vomatorium, currently occupied. They were phased out about the same time as public pissoirs.

(The public pissoirs in Paris were officially called vespasiennes after Emperor Vespasian who first had the idea of public toilets. He installed large earthenware urns all over Rome for the convenience of the citizens, and, to pay for them, levied each household a four-yearly head tax based on the the number of members in a household plus all their domestic animals and pets.

ps. Don´t mention that idea to Gordon or Ken)

But perhaps that should be on the Random Fact thread....

20th Sep 2006, 06:50
e) a sea creature - nudibranch (sp?)

20th Sep 2006, 13:28
(a) is an item from your S&M toychest

blue up
20th Sep 2006, 14:06
a. Soap-on-a-rope maker

b. Glasgow urinal (I bet they do, y'know)

c. Juvenile Haggis, plucked, and missing the hat.

d. NHS needle.

e. One of those "Flamenco Dancer" mollusc things.

Buster Hyman
20th Sep 2006, 14:15
(a) Olde Worlde Circumciser when men were....boys were men...when boys became...ummm

(b) A Benny Hill outtake

(c) The worlds second heaviest cholostomy bag

(d) A sample from Uri Gellers cutlery drawer

(e) A prehistoric flower found on a Glacier near Milton Keynes