View Full Version : The "nice doing £££'s with you guv" beautiful game

Krystal n chips
19th Sep 2006, 18:04
As I think I may have mentioned:p I am not a footie person. However, tonight I will be watching a football programme for a change. The Beebs "Panorama" to be precise.

Now, this could be a well hyped programme to boost the ratings--nothing new there after all---or it could be very revealing. Lets assume--well hope in my case at least :E the latter.

So, evidence emerges of wrongdoings shall we say--shock ! horror ! etc but then what ? Here's my perception. Usual "robust investigation, lessons will be learned, this mars the game etc" responses---lots of angst here of course. Then what ? Well the powers that be may make a token scapegoat or two--just to appease the paying mugs / public--but after that, well sweet FA to be precise--every pun intended by the way, other of course than a "don't get caught next time" rebuke I would hazard to guess. Could be very wrong of course----so, any views at all as to the outcome and after effects on the bea£££iful game ?