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14th Sep 2006, 18:17
By no means a fan of hers, but I do admire her honesty and integrity in crticising Bliar's government.

Undoubtedly makes her the 'odd one out'.

14th Sep 2006, 18:32
She certainly took the right stance on opposition to the Iraq invasion.

But the ugly bitch then blew it by not resigning once the invasion started.

Suspect it had something to do with a Ministerial v MP net pay.

What would you do?

Me too!

14th Sep 2006, 18:57
I would :E :E


14th Sep 2006, 19:01
Would you now?!



14th Sep 2006, 19:02
Judging by the lines the fit would be perfect....:E :E :E


tony draper
14th Sep 2006, 19:16
You lot have short memories,she was all for Tone and his war,until it suited her to change her mind she has more faces than a pack of cards,her type(a politician) would burn their own children alive to gain inch up the greasy pole,and her integrity is only surpassed by her physical beauty.

14th Sep 2006, 20:01
her integrity is only surpassed by her physical beauty.

Great line! :ok:

May one 'borrow' it for the next fitting occasion?

14th Sep 2006, 20:02
Flash, you've been hanging round Farrell a little too much mate :=

14th Sep 2006, 20:16
Pulse is normally sop

Ahh feck it, it's still warm...........:E :E :E :E :E



14th Sep 2006, 20:31
I have to agree with what she said, but I am dubious about her
reasons for saying it. After all she is a politician!

I don't believe what any of them say, they are all self serving, lying b*astards.

If she feels that history will smile a little more kindly upon her then she will say anything that distances her from T. Bliar and The Temple of Doom!! ;)

14th Sep 2006, 20:44
Brickhistory, you beat me to the complement...


Ronald Jeremy
14th Sep 2006, 21:17
Would you now?!



Not if they promised me an oscar and my own chat show. You are one sick puppy Mr Colmac.

14th Sep 2006, 22:52
not even if she was decked out in diamonds.

or the last woman on the planet.

rather have a [email protected]<hidden>

14th Sep 2006, 22:56
Would you now?!

Nah!! It's John Prescott in drag!! ;)

14th Sep 2006, 23:11
Sorry, but if she is really serious, why does she not resign/sod off NOW?

tony draper
14th Sep 2006, 23:20
Had I been one of her constituents I would have been a bit ticked off, all I ever heard her rabbit on about was Africa,time the people we elect to represent our interests and the interest of a our region spent more time doing just that.

14th Sep 2006, 23:37
like all the loony lefties, its much easier to tour africa and demand more money for the despotic crooks, than it is to make sure my bin is emptied and the local yobs are locked up.

and shes still an ugly bitch too.

14th Sep 2006, 23:42
The council where I top up my company pension has an assistant borough solicitor called Halsall - His wife is called Hazel Blears.

I can understand high flying self employed names maintaining the same currency throughout their career i.e. Ms C Booth - but why is she not Mrs Halsall M.P??

14th Sep 2006, 23:48
cause shes useless.

shes my MP too! god help us.
she sent me a letter tother day. if fact she sent our house 3 letters, all identical.
assuming she sent one to all residents, that would have paid for about 8 policemen instead.
clever bitch aint she?

15th Sep 2006, 00:24

hes my MP too! god help us.
she sent me a letter tother day. if fact she sent our house 3 letters, all identical.
"Save the rainforests" perhaps?:ugh:
Hope you have read them, you paid for them.


15th Sep 2006, 06:52
I met Clare Short a couple years ago at a book signing in London. She gave a short talk explaining her view that Britain might benefit from a hung parliament.

Very convincing I have to say. The premise is that, with all power centralised in 10 Downing Street, politicians and civil servants have become detached, weak and feeble. A hung parliament forces everyone back into action to make the machinery of government work again. Personally I think she is right. A landslide Tory victory might well lead to another set of daft policies with power vested in a few people. Cameron, I suspect, just wants to slip into Blair's shoes.

She certainly is a plain jane. However, she is an earnest character who was pleasant and reasonable to talk to.

Her explanation of how Blair grabbed power from the cabinet was utterly chilling.

tony draper
15th Sep 2006, 09:47
Yes indeedy Government by committee,how could we have been so dumb as not to see the benifit of that, and it would probably be fun having to elect a new government every three weeks.

15th Sep 2006, 09:53
"I met Clare Short a couple years ago at a book signing in London. She gave a short talk explaining her view that Britain might benefit from a hung parliament."

As opposed to a countersunk parliament???

Gordon Fraser
15th Sep 2006, 10:07
I'm all in favour of a hung parliament but do we hang the lot? Some of them seem to be tryimg.

15th Sep 2006, 10:09
Let's face it chaps, she's got a face like a nuclear power station, I mean, I've seen prettier car crashes & she's done more flip flops than a shoe stall on Brighton Beach.

Nope, just as much a shyster & on the make as the rest of the spineless shithouses that pass for leaders nowadays. For me, the debacle on Iraq was the last straw - you stay or you go. You do not vacillate, change your mind, fanny around or otherwise backtrack on something like the Iraq oil adventure & expect to get away with it.:rolleyes:

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