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13th Sep 2006, 19:37
Calling all professional pilots!

Salisbury District Council is asking for views as to whether Old Sarum Airfield should be granted conservation site status. If granted this would safeguard the airfield and prevent it being used as building land.

You can help by making your views known and sending an email to the planning department of Salisbury District Council the link and a report on the proposal can be seen at Salisbury District Council | Old Sarum Airfield - appraisal and sustainability appraisal (http://www.salisbury.gov.uk/...) (http://www.salisbury.gov.uk/planning/conservation/old-sarum-airfield.htm) . Please take a few moments to send an email, additionally if anybody fancies starting a thread on other sites it would be appreciated. By the way the report is quite interesting and has some good pictures.

13th Sep 2006, 21:26
Although I'm not a pilot I've dispatched an E-mail to the council in support.

The accessment pdf is an excellent piece, well worth reading for the background to the airfields buildings etc.

14th Sep 2006, 10:19
I had no idea the place was so complete still. It must be preserved and continue as an active airfield.I will state an interest here as it is where I obtained my Air Cadet gliding wings in 1976. Loved the place. At the time it was also home to the now defunct "Airbourne Armour". Not exactly sure what the official title was but they operated Scorpions and wore Royal Tank Rgt cap badges on a red beret. I will never forget the sight of them all undertaking their BFT at the same time, running around the airfield. Some of the ones bringing up the rear did not exactly look like your normal Para. How us cadets laughed. Ah well, what comes around goes around!

15th Sep 2006, 01:46
I had the pleasure of spending time at Old Sarum back in 1970 and remember how impressed I was the first time I entered the hangar. I have emailed my support for the base to be kept as it is because it really is a historical gem. I wonder if the Black Horse at Great Durnford is still serving fine scrumy? Oh happy days!

15th Sep 2006, 07:51
I'll off to the Black Horse (Pig) this lunchtime:D

9th Mar 2007, 05:20
Received a letter today confirming all the efforts were worth it. The airfield has been declared as a conservation area eff 28 Feb.
Cheers Clicker

14th Mar 2007, 11:52
"The consultants have recommended that because the airfield retains much of its historic fabric, and because it is a rare, almost complete, surviving example of a World War I airfield, it has the special qualities required for it to become a conservation area."

Now thats a good reason. Congrats to all who worked to have it listed.

18th Mar 2007, 23:07

The one and only place I have been let loose with an aeroplane on my own. Warm summer, young and doing something I enjoyed. Ahh 622:) Happy times.

22nd Mar 2007, 20:58
Did my 1st solo in any type of aircraft at Old sarum - a trusty Sedburgh in the glorious summer of '67 I think... same year I saw Jimi Hendrix live for the 1st and only time ....

Have signed petition, although I am about 176 degrees of longitude removed now....

22nd Mar 2007, 22:31
Old Sarum is a lovely and historic airfield, spent many a happy day there!
Please keep, we desperately need these wonderful old historic airfields which are in so much GA use today.
OK I know some airfields are not economical or " green" but please let us have something as a heritage.
It saddens me that everything is going down the gurgler!

23rd Mar 2007, 11:13
Good news. Will be down in the summer.:ok:

31st Aug 2007, 21:42
Great to hear Old Sarum got conservation status. My father flew Lysanders from here in WWII and kids now having flying lessons too. Helpful staff and good food!