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7th Sep 2006, 15:22
Just got word that the ex-RAAF Beau acquired by the National Museum of the USAF will be unveiled for display on 17 Oct 2006 at 1600. It will be in the markings of a USAAF Beau squadron. (I forget which one, 414th - 417th NFS).

A gathering of nightfighter crews and personnel is being planned to coincide.

23rd Oct 2006, 17:09
Former RAAF Beaufighter MkIc (built in 1942 at Filton, UK) was rolled out on 18 Oct at 1600L at the National Museum of the USAF. It is done up in the markings of the CO of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron circa late 1944.

Essentially complete, it is missing the ailerons, elevators, and outer gun bay doors. However, to honor the surviving USAAF Beau Night Fighters still left, the Museum had a nice little ceremony with the aircraft. A rep from each squadron spoke at the unveiling, each with fond memories of the rugged Beaufighter.

Some pics from that day:


23rd Oct 2006, 17:24
Congratulations to the restoration team. It looks magnificent.

Well done.

23rd Oct 2006, 17:31
Hear hear!

23rd Oct 2006, 18:56
Great pics,thanks for sharing.Anybody know if theres any progress with the Beau at Duxford?:ok:

23rd Oct 2006, 19:24
Duxford Beau is (I believe still) for sale :{ , though I think work continues to progress. Let's hope it stays or at least is completed in the UK and we get a chance to see this fine aeroplane airborne as a tribute to Allied Beaufighter crews and to the excellent efforts of Pete Rushen and his colleagues. :ok:

24th Oct 2006, 02:13
Thanks for great shots of one of the most underrated aircraft of WWII. On the same subject, anyone know what's happening with the Beaufighter at the Canadian museum in Ottawa? Last time I was there several years ago, the fuselage was outside & on its own wheels - not conducive to longterm preservation.

henry crun
24th Oct 2006, 07:25
brick: thank you for bringing that to our attention, it is pleasing to see that they have made an excellent job of preserving a aircraft is probably a stranger to many in the US.

24th Oct 2006, 18:09
Indeed. Just a real pity we can't be as good on our side of the pond. :(

Sorry Henry, the emphasis clearly wasn't required.

henry crun
24th Oct 2006, 21:38
diginagain: Your post was immediately after mine, so why did you think it necessary to quote it in its entirety ?
Did you assume I had already forgotten what I had written ?

25th Oct 2006, 09:36
Whatever happened to the part Beau which used to be at Halton? It was a front fuselage with wings chopped off outside the engines attached to a small brick building, used for teaching apprenti how to start/shut down engines I think.

25th Oct 2006, 12:35
Chevvron, the Halton Beau is currently with Skysport Engineering at Hatch. Registered G-DINT, cos Tim Moore's dad, "Dinty" Moore flew 'em in the war. Has made some progress towards restoration, but I think it is an "as and when" project for Skysport and has also been offered for sale.

Just think: two Beaufighters in formation, would that it happens...

26th Oct 2006, 08:07
Thanks for that Treaders; I remember it vividly 'cos I once managed to land a Sedbergh very close to it ie not actually on the airfield!