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The Guvnor
30th Oct 2001, 12:09
Any pilots want to put forward an opposing view to these people?

29th October 2001

Attached is a poster with information about a March along Whitehall that HACAN ClearSkies is staging on November 24th. It is very
possible that by then a decision to give the go-ahead to Heathrow Terminal Five will have been taken. But we do not see that as the end of the matter. There is a very good chance that HACAN ClearSkies - and possibly some of the local authorities - will challenge that decision in the courts.

We see this march as an opportunity to make it clear that, as long aircraft continue to be so problematic over London and the South East, protest from local residents, politicians and others will inevitably continue and, in all probability, intensify.

We would very much welcome it if you could join us on our march. But, if on the day you are doing something even more important, a
message of support would be great!

John Stewart

Chair HACAN ClearSkies

13 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9AU tel/fax 0207 737 6641 email: [email protected]

Here's the poster he was talking about (rather amateurish IMHO):

Aircraft noise, pollution, danger
your chance to make your voice heard


along Whitehall

Saturday, 24th November 2001
Whitehall Place (off Whitehall, near the top)
11.00 for midday start
Finish 1.00pm

This colourful march will be accompanied by a band and will include street theatre.

Why the march? There are more aircraft over London and the South East than ever before, causing more noise, pollution and danger. Passenger flights have increased by 5% a year over the last decade.

Who's organised it? HACAN ClearSkies, representing residents under the Heathrow flight path and which last month successfully took the Government to the European Court of Human Rights over night flights.

Come, tell the Government to curb the growth in aviation! Make your voice heard for a quieter, cleaner and safer world!

HACAN ClearSkies: 13 Stockwell Rd, SW9 9AU
The march has police permission

30th Oct 2001, 18:43
I rang mr 'stewrat' - not a people person, just some crusty nimby