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UB 40
13th Jan 2002, 16:42
Having recently received my P-45 from a UK charter Company after just one season as a B-757 F/O my future employment prospects are bleak. I have twice contacted BALPA regarding the number of non EU. pilots employed here in the UK on work permits, and the BALPA policy on the matter each time I was told"we will get back to you" still waiting.
Can any one help me to collate the numbers, particularly in FR, EZY, and ATLAS Air at STN
Would also appreciate opinos/debate regarding the renewal of these permits in the context of the current EU pilot redundancies

13th Jan 2002, 17:03
This is an area Balpa have been extremely active in unfortunately the Uk government don,t seem very interested in a relatively small number of self supporting individuals when the flood gates of Dover are open to the economic dross of the world.Guess the government are prioritising their efforts.I fully agree with your point,hopefully something will be done eventually.The other back door of course is the Irish government who seem content to grant EU wide work permits to all and sundry presenting the Uk government with another problem.Irish civil aviation is truly the "Liberia " of Europe a virtually unregulated flag of convenience.Don,t blame Balpa on this subject I know they are active on this subject attempting to protect your interests,make your Mps life a misery!!.

13th Jan 2002, 17:15
There isn't a court in the EU willing to get involved in this type of xenophobia!

The Guvnor
13th Jan 2002, 18:48
Balpa seemingly couldn't give a toss about this issue (especially as they don't want to rock the boat with BA/Atlas). The only people who have been truly active - and have actually achieved anything - is the IPA.

Of course, you understand that you can only legally bump non EU pilots if you're as qualified as them and are prepared to accept the same terms and conditions.

13th Jan 2002, 18:54
I know that if you look at FR's recruitment form, it tells you that the company will not be able to organise work permits but once you have them, they will be happy to interview you.