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1st Sep 2006, 06:44
According to the Times:


My question is . . . If they are filming in New Zealand then it suggests real aircraft will be used. Isn't the B of BMF Lancaster the only flying example? Are we looking at large models or composite replica's?

1st Sep 2006, 06:59
Two flying - one also in Canada, plus another in the UK could potentially fly given enough money.

However I expect this will all be done with CGI - but I hope they will make the effort to avoid the spotty kid's computer game look which prevailed in the "Tora Tora Tora" sequences in Pearl Harbour. :yuk:

1st Sep 2006, 08:57
Have a look at:




2nd Sep 2006, 00:51

There is a Lancaster in Auckland, and it has been reported here in NZ that Peter Jackson has flown in that in Canada.

20th Jan 2008, 19:08
I found this detailed interview with Peter Jackson which may be of interest:


25th Jan 2008, 13:05
OK...I'm a boring old fart but virtually all remakes in recent years have been garbage! 39 steps, A Night To Remember (Titanic), the Italian Job and worst of all..Flight of the Phoenix! Anyone agree?

Cheers bm

25th Jan 2008, 13:18
The name of the dog was Nigger. If you change it then you might as well change the aircraft to Halifax or B29s. Who cares about reality? I do.

I wrote to Jackson but didn't get the courtesy of a reply. Maybe he is a politician or a weak kneed Pratt.

To Hell with the Politically correct fools. Why should anyone bow to such pillocks?

25th Jan 2008, 13:57
Yarpy said...

"My question is . . . If they are filming in New Zealand then it suggests real aircraft will be used. Isn't the B of BMF Lancaster the only flying example? Are we looking at large models or composite replica's?"

http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=241621 post ≠29

That was 2 years ago - CGI has advanced hugely since then. Peter Jackson is building 10 full size replica Lancasters. I think he IS the man for the job. WETA is a fine CGI company.

The dog and the codeword should be Nigger IMHO Why try and change historical facts?

Evening Star
25th Jan 2008, 17:56
Post 7 and we get to that bloody dog.:ugh: Honestly, this is the other side of the same obsessive coin that made the word unacceptable in the first place. Read the PJ interview that JOE links, understand that PJ fully appreciates the issue of historical accuracy and just chill out. It is, quite frankly, a fiddling part of the whole story anyway (four separate lines in Brickhill's 265 page book ... just checked) and I bet it is possible to write the story without a single mention of the pestilential mutt.

John Hill
26th Jan 2008, 07:27
Lancelot37, I am suprised you did not get a reply from Peter, usually letters to him would be answered by his staff but I presume if the letter was held for his personal attention it would be subject to his schedule which includes periods working outside NZ.

26th Jan 2008, 07:45
Neither the dog nor its master were terribly popular, I understand....

26th Jan 2008, 19:01
I dont think it matters whether Gibson,or his dog, were popular with people. What is important to remember is that Guy Gibson was an incredibly brave man who risked everything for his country in its hour of need. We owe him and his like everything.

Dan Winterland
26th Jan 2008, 23:09
The dog is buried outside the hangar which used to house the CFS Bulldog squadron. Our Kenyan course mate saw the grave and mentioned he thought the penalties for failing the CFS course were a bit severe!

27th Jan 2008, 09:01
I was on the lot at Stone Street studios the other day and they are still filming a Sci fi movie. An assistant director told me they don't intend to start filming Dambusters for a few months yet.

Christian Rivers who was Lord of the Rings Art Director is directing the new Dambusters movie. Jackson is the Producer

The Lanc in a Museum at Auckland still fires it's engines every now and then. That aircraft came from the French at New Caledonia in the 1960s when they retired it from maritime patrol.

I doubt Jakson would allow the movie to stray too much from the facts as he was meticulous in recreating scenes in King Kong which had been edited out of the original movie.

I'd eat my hat if Peter Jakson disappoints.

9th Feb 2008, 21:07
Good news... The screenwriter's guild industrial action is winding up and the movie now has a green light to crank up.

The delays have probably helped in some ways to ensure more thorough preparations.

The movie will focus a lot more on the struggle by Barnes Wallis to overcome opposition to his idea. I think you'd be surprised how sensitive Christian is to the historic identities.

Weta workshops have actually built a life sized replica of the bouncing bomb and it's release mechanism.

9th Feb 2008, 22:05
kiwiguy, i don't think the MOTAT (NZ) lanc has fired up an engine for a longish (15 years +) time.

9th Feb 2008, 22:33
That's a shame... maybe Peter Jackson might be persuaded to make a donation from the movie proceeds towards restoration ?

Back in 1979 when I worked on Nationwide Air Carvairs we lost an engine into Christchurch. The replacement in P&W R2000 Wellington had seized up in storage simply from atmospheric humidity. Wellington is hardly a humid place.

Any idea of the MOTaT Lanc's engines, what condition they're in now ?