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turn right 5 degrees
31st Aug 2006, 17:00
It's the time of year again when the operational ATCO's at Swanwick undergo their TRUCE training, once again we are inviting pilot's to attend and participate and pass on your wisdom to us.
All TRUCE sessions will be between September and March and are during the afternoon with 1330 starts, there maybe the oppurtunity to visit the main op's room and probably sit in on the live sectors. There will be a mileage allowance payable and a dinner at the lakeside resturant (if you want to risk it!;) ).
Unfortunately this year, due to security, we are having to restrict visits to those who fly for commercial operations.
For further details contact [email protected]
T R 5 D
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Carbide Finger
12th Sep 2006, 06:24

Pilots please take note. We get a lot of information from you when you attend. In the event of you actually having an emergency, we'll be better prepared!


Stop Stop Stop
15th Sep 2006, 10:18
I am interested in helping out with this TRUCE Training but having problems getting through to Claire Brown at NATS. Could somebody please check the e mail address? I tried to e mail three times but it bounced back each time.

If somebody wants to get hold of me, please PM.


17th Sep 2006, 16:01
I too have sent an e-mail to the above address and will see if I get a reply .... or if it 'bounces' back unanswered.

Jaun Huw Nose
17th Sep 2006, 20:30
I went earlier in the year and had a good and useful day...

17th Sep 2006, 21:38
E-mail address worked OK for me and got a reply..............