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31st Aug 2006, 10:26
Twin Pioneers VH-AIS and VH-EVB will soon be auctioned in Australia.



On the same day that the Vulcan restorers announce that they have squeezed yet more out of yet more donors (including a single gift of 500,000!) and assure us yet again that it WILL fly, this makes quite a contrast.

Just as much a part of our aviation heritage, a fraction of the spent on the Vulcan would buy these two aircraft and operate them for DECADES, including running (subsidising?) operations where ordinary people can actually get on board and FLY in them thus preserving the public's interest in aviation/heritage at least as well if not better than their occasional sight of a Vulcan.

I sincerely wish the Vulcan folks well and I'd love to think that those, both private and corporate, who dug into their pockets to fund its restoration would give again. However, I fear that in the majority of cases their spare cash - and their goodwill - has been exhausted, to the detriment of many future appeals for resources for classic aircraft preservation.

Here's hoping that the Twin Pins will find their way to a comfortable and productive home back in the UK.

31st Aug 2006, 11:10
I'm sorry EGAC, but in any measure of historical signifigance, public interest or plain WOW factor, Vulcan Vs Twin Pin = No Contest!!

The Twin Pioneers are lovely (well, slow and noisy, anyway) old things, but they are not exactley the stuff of school-boy fantasies.

31st Aug 2006, 12:00
Added to which there are TPs (well one at least) still flying and doing just what EGAC would like them to do. The marginal benefit is not huge, as a result.

31st Aug 2006, 12:00
As there is already a Twin Pin flying in the UK would we want to spend scarce cash on another two when other, more unique, aircraft could do with the cash (NOT necessarily the Vulcan, BTW).

Airborne, our post times are identical. Great minds....!!!

31st Aug 2006, 12:07
Like to see them back, but even better I'd like to see a Bristol Freighter. Any news on the several proposals to return one to Blighty?

brain fade
31st Aug 2006, 13:58
A Bristol Fighter! Yes. A Bristol Freighter???:}

1st Sep 2006, 11:09
I accept that the Twin Pin is not the perfect type with which to advance my case since there is a flyer already in the UK (although the restoration movement has not previously stopped just because a single example of various other classic types has been brought back to flying condition).

The Bristol Freighter currently in Canada is indeed another case where donations, in cash or in kind will be needed, to get it home. I have seen a six-figure sum mentioned simply to fund its return passage, never mind doing anything afterwards with it. It certainly hasn't the WOW factor of a Vulcan - few types have - but its the sort of project that, IMHO, is at least as deserving of support which will now, I fear, be harder to come by.

Spectacular showpiece restorations are great but I really think the flying heritage movement must now think strategically about where it stops in terms of airframe modernity/complexity. Yes, in an ideal world we'd see one of everything kept flying when it leaves commercial/military service but in the real world the font of public largesse is only so deep.

I can only reiterate my hope that the money-pit which the Vulcan has become has not engendered what might elsewhere be described as "compasssion fatigue" - even among the keenest private and corporate supporters - and actually set back the whole heritage/restoration movement.

1st Sep 2006, 12:08
Have to say that Air Atlantique's little dear put on a sprightly performance at Biggin this year, and with the very draggy bits drooped appeared to stop forward progress all together at times. Sounded good too with those Leonides banging away!

Shame Atlantique haven't jumped on the Freighter bandwagon, I'm sure they could put it to profitable use! I'd sure pay to go for a ride in it...