View Full Version : Is this the new form of gratitude??

16th Aug 2006, 00:26
Keep in mind that this person is a Canadian citizen, studying?? in a New Zealand university.


Mad (Flt) Scientist
16th Aug 2006, 00:37
I tend to feel anyone going to Iraq as part of an organisation called "Christian Peacemaker Teams" maybe doesn't have the critical faculties to assess government policies.

Or, quite possibly, dress themselves in the morning.

He does seem a very unhappy chap now, though. Perhaps he should go back.

16th Aug 2006, 00:43
Keep in mind that this person is a Canadian citizen...

You can keep him. We've already got enough of the same type here. The other Canadian who was taken hostage with him and the Brit, was equally critical of the coalition forces who rescued them.

Captain Sand Dune
16th Aug 2006, 00:47
Just exercising his freedom of speech. Of course we being familiar with this concept can accept his comments and respect them as the views of a free thinking induvidual. And of course he would realise that freedom speech includes the right of rebuttal, and would therefore accept our comments on his views in the same context...........of course............wouldn't he........